DC Grails & Missing Pieces

Saw both of those box sets. I believe they both have a vanilla Superman, and the one I’m interested in is the Quick Change version (I likes that feature), which is why I haven’t considered them. Then again, it might make sense to display a the Quick Change version as Clark Kent next a vanilla Supes :thinking:.

And yes, I did think of the Metropolis box set for Lois. The DC Collectibles version fills that need, for now.

Needless to say, if all of these make it into my collection, I may have to start rotating stuff into storage, especially with all the stuff McFarlane is putting out. Not looking forward to having to make that decision, though.


I’ll be in CA early next year, so if you need a pair of strong arms to help out, activate your signal watch and I’ll stop by, Jimmy. :superman_hv_4:

Also, if you want another option for Quick Change Superman, you could always go the route of his Batman: Mission Masters 3 reissue.


Thank you :pray:, but they won’t be making that big of a trek. By “storage” I meant the little fabric boxes next to my bed filled with random figure and statue related items.


You know, tackle boxes make for a good storage option.

They’re affordable and can hold a lot of stuff in a secure, organized fashion.

My Mattel Mighty Minis are in one, along with some import pieces and it saved me a good amount of shelf space for higher-priority items, while also being a very easy to store (and access) storage solution.


Another piece from yesteryear, late 60s to be more precise.

Captain Action Superman. This is way before my time, but I’m a bit fascinated by early Superman merchandise. From what I gather, Captain Action was a rather popular toy at the time, and you could buy the figure different costumes like the Superman one shown here (Google search):

Here’s a picture of the costume on a Captain Action figure (from ebay).

It looks somewhat hokey, but you can practically smell its nearly 60 year age in pictures.

In-box examples exist for $$$$ and loose examples for less but still a lot of $$$. This is one of those “nice to have” items on my list, with price being the biggest hurdle.

Side note: Sorry if I’m boring y’all with my never-ending list of Superman stuffs. I’ll branch out to other characters with upcoming posts :slightly_smiling_face:.


I for one am enjoying the deep dive in Superman collectibles.

Captain Action was before my time as well but I always thought it looked really cool. I suppose it is Barbie for men but it’s a good formula for making a lot of figures that might not otherwise have been made.


Happy to hear, really :grinning:.

I never thought of the “dress-up” factor here. I suppose kids back then would buy the one figure and change costumes and faces with subsequent purchases.

Funny thing is figures with cloth goods costumes have come full circle. Not only are there popular throwbacks like Mego and Figures Toy Company, but you got Mezco, Hot Toys, Sideshow and others making “premium” figures with hyper realistic detailed costumes and selling ‘em for $$$.


I’ve been a fan of Captain Action since I was 10, and discovered the line in an issue of Tomart’s Action Figure Digest in 1993.

They had a full photo spread of everything in the line and I remember thinking “There were Superman and other DC toys in the '60s? Cool!”.

While not the first technical DC action figures, Captain Action was a nifty generic base for “figures” of characters who didn’t have their own toy lines at the time, which was really everyone, :joy: because action figures were in their infancy in 1966, having only debuted in 1964.

SN: Ideal also produced some mini-figure sets of the Justice League, as well as a Superman and Aquaman set (I just learned of the Superman/Art set this past weekend).

I don’t have good photos of the Ideal mini-figures handy, but those would be neat to pick up. They’re pretty expensive I’m guessing, so I’ll just window shop for the time being.

NEVAH! :point_up:t2: :face_with_monocle:

Be it Superman or otherwise, ALL DC franchises are welcome and…we are welcome to nerd out on them, whole-hog. :grin:

“Moving on.”

Being a Superman guy myself, I’ll show some grails that aren’t related to my (as Bibbo says it) “fav’rit”.

I present…McFarlane Toys’ Danger Girl line, from 1999:

A group shot of the full series:

More detailed photos of each:

Abbey Chase


Sydney Savage



Natalia Kassle



Major Maxim



Fish tank set of the three women:



I miss the days of when McFarlane cranked out fish tanks for assorted lines. I sure wish he’d bring them back for his DC output (Super Powers in particular, but Multiverse as well).

What makes these of interest is that they truly are McFarlane Toys’ first foray into DC-based figures, as Danger Girl was originally published through Cliffhanger, a division of WildStorm.

While series creator J. Scott Campbell eventually moved Danger Girl to IDW, that changes nothing that these are indeed the first DC-related figures by McFarlane.

I’d wanted them for years, and long before McFarlane ever took on the “proper” side of DC.

Once he unleashed Multiverse (and as his other DC lines have come about), my interest in the Danger Girl line increased 99-fold, and its since joined DC Direct’s Planetary, The Authority and Transmetropolitan figures as my most-wanted DC figures that hail from comics outside of the traditional DC Universe.

The upside is that Danger Girl is an affordable and easy to pick up line (hey, nobody said grails had to be expensive and/or hard to find :wink:). Its just finding time (and the bread, obvs) to allocate to it, as I collect many DC lines and the current stuff at retail almost always outprioritizes older product.


Man I had to do a double take on those figures and make sure they’re not art prints. DC Direct really did make figures that popped off the page. I had no knowledge of Danger Girls before this, so thank you for the introduction. Also, J Scott Campbell did work for DC (aside from the occasional cover he currently does)? Cool beans!

“Dangerous Curves Ahead” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


True, but Danger Girl was by McFarlane. :wink:

The Authority, Planetary and Transmetropolitan, though? Those are by DC Direct. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. McFarlane’s Danger Girl line was my intro to the comic (which has some rad stuff on Comixology Unlimited, BTW) which is and was a ton of fun.

This is the best trade edition of the original Danger Girl series:


Its the IDW Deluxe Edition of the WildStorm series and is free for Comixology Unlimited members. Go read it! :superman_hv_4:

Yep, on Danger Girl and Gen13 as well, if memory serves.

To paraphrase Burton’s Batman, “Love that copy!” :nerd_face:


D’oh! My bad!


They do look like something DC Direct would have hammered out in the early '00s, so you’re not entirely off-base, mon frere.

You know, an animated Danger Girl movie (whose character designs match Campbell’s art) would be awesome, especially if it got McFarlane to do a new Danger Girl line.

BTW @moro, you inspired me to re-read the Danger Girl Deluxe Edition. I thank you, good sir.


DC Direct/Collectibles found great success with the very well known and often discussed Batman Black & White 1/10 scale statue line. They’ve made over 100 pieces in it McFarlane continues to do so under their DC Direct label. Less talked about are the (sadly) discontinued lines for Superman and Wonder Woman. I previously talked about the Superman: The Man of Steel line here, and have acquired many of those pieces. Wonder Woman, on the other hand… well, they had a statue line called “Wonder Woman: The Art of War”, and man would I love to get my hand on some of these:


Above in order of appearance:

Jim Lee
George Perez
Adam Hughes
Yanick Paquette
Cliff Chiang
Tony Daniel
David Finch
Robert Valley
Jill Thompson
Bruce Timm
Amanda Conner
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez


Those are pretty slick @moro, especially the Lee, Perez and DC Nation pieces.

Speaking of statues, these are two from Kotobukiya that I’ve had my four eyes on:

Besides just being a cool-looking piece in general, what makes the above stand out is that its one of the few, if not the only, figural representations of Diana in her promotional New 52 outfit, wherein she was wearing black pants (as she was doing in The Odyssey, at the time) and silver-lined black boots, an outfit that was ultimately changed to her blue trunks and boots.

“And now for something completely different.”

I had the Koto New 52 Supergirl in my hands the day it debuted at comic stores and…I passed on it.

While enormously tempting to pick up at that time, I just didn’t go for it. I kind of regret that, as my then-regular comic store had a pretty good price on it, but…I had other comic priorities (paper and plastic, including the occasional DC-related DVD or Blu-ray) of greater import to tend to, so…Kara sat on the shelf.

Koto’s New 52 ArtFX+ line as a whole is pretty stellar. Diana and Kara, though? They’re wonderfully super.


You’ve always been statue admirer, but not strongly enough to sacrifice some figure purchases for ‘em :slightly_smiling_face:.

Koto did make some wonderful DC statues under their Artfx and Artfx+ lines. I came close to getting that Wonder Woman myself, but like you, other stuff won out at the time.

That’s a spiffy looking Supergirl. One day I’m gonna acquire a Supergirl, Steel, Superboy, Lois, and maybe even a Krypto for a Super Family display.


Hell no, I’m not sacrificing figure purchases for statues. :grin:

Koto also made this, an SDCC '16 exclusive, which is kinda-sorta a statue grail of mine:

My predominant interest in that is that its the only figural representation of Superman in his Truth duds.

McFarlane could easily crank out a Truth Superman, and repurpose Bruce’s drifter motorcycle from The Batman into Clark’s DC You ride.

Koto statues are a tempting collecting black hole I need not go down. Their Bishoujo stuff, ArtFX, etc., etc. Its all absolutely rad, but expensive.


So this is a “grail” in that I’m not sure what I want exists, a 7” Cyborg in this design, or something close to it. This is the DC Icons Cyborg, based on the Justice League Forever Evil arc, I believe.

Love the cybernetic look with that “C” logo on the chest. DC Icons is 6” scale though, and a smallish 6” scale at that. It would look pretty tiny next to the 7” McFarlane JL I have on display.

DC Collectibles made a Cyborg statue in that design in their Icons statue line:

Beautiful, but 8” scale. This one would also look out of place next to the McFarlane figures (too big, plus not sure a statue would mesh well with the figures).

These Cyborg pieces would scale nicely with the 7” JL I think:

That’s the DC Direct Teen Titans version. Love this classic look for Victor. May hunt it down regardless.

And that would be the DC Collectibles Justice League New 52 Cyborg. Maybe my least favorite out of the bunch. Might forgive the overly tanky look if it had the logo.

Must admit, for as much as I say I like the character, I haven’t read many stories featuring him outside of Justice League stuff from the past 10 years. Love the concept, power set, and backstory though… and cyborgs are just cool.

Like I said when I started this post, not sure if the piece I want exists (basically take that first figure and scale it up a bit). Should I wait on McFarlane to hopefully make one? Grab one of the above pieces to display with my current JL lineup, or maybe solo somewheres? Time will tell, I suppose :slightly_smiling_face:.


Two solo Cyborg favs of mine that you may like as well:

As for your DC Collectibles Cyborg picks, I have the Icons iteration via the Rebirth Justice League box set. Its a solid piece w/o accessories, so I imagine the individual release will be even better with the goodies it includes.

The New 52 Cyborg is pretty neat as well, and spot-on to Jim Lee’s design of him. He does have some heft to him and being that he’s flat-footed, you’ll never have to worry about him taking a jump from your shelf.

Between the two…I’d say go for the Icons figure. If articulation is your thing, then Icons Vic will definitely win out over the New 52 figure.


Aware of the Rebirth series, but this is the first I see of the DC Special. Will get to them at some point; thanks for the recommendations!

Yeah you know I’m not an articulation hound. I do prefer the Icons figure for its character design, however. Hoping McFarlane give us a comics based Cyborg at some point.

Man, those box sets they churned out every year were awesome. Instant Justice League collections. The Alex Ross set still grabs my attention when I come across it on ebay.