DC Grails & Missing Pieces

Pricing’s a big factor. Average of asking prices on eBay for this cool figure land at around the $135 to $150 mark from sellers, with others seeking as much as $197. :eyes: I’m looking to pick it up at around $109 or so.


If I was caught-up with current releases and there weren’t any older items of note of pressing priority…that’s the price I’d likely whip Selina in with as well.

I just wish she had a 7-inch release, as NECA’s 7-inch collection from Toys R Us (consisting of Keaton Batman, Reeve Superman, Adam West Batman, Ledger Joker, Batman Begins Batman and Arkham Harley) was really cool and would have been that much cooler with Pfeiffer in the mix.


I’ve been using NIB since that’s what I see most typically on eBay. The sites I tend to visit (that I know other people here, not HERE here, but on the site itself visit, like figurerealm, almost rarely use these initials but they do use the terms (on card, mint on card, or new on or in card. People on EB are also using Vaulted for this when I always understood that from my friends who have been POP collectors (not DC) for ages means those plastic boxes.

See, to me, it’s more what all I can get for my money. Once I saw that New Frontier Barry in his box at $9.99, that made him worthwhile if I could get agreement on the shipping. Once the seller agree to drop the shipping on Barry and J’onn, and I saw he had the New Frontier box set for an absurd amount of money, even though $50 is my limit when there are figures I don’t want in a set because $50 was my limit for the ones I did want, it was fine to go ahead and get those six, because I do love that Diana even if I don’t get the head I love and likewise, no unmasked Hal or lantern accessory. And that’s because I allowed for an extra Darwyn Cooke tax of $20 and Mr. Cooke is certainly worth more!

I’ve only heard “on card” in an LCS. I’ve never heard an LCS employee refer to their store as an LCS. I tend to use ‘direct market’ when I talk to my friends but they all use LCS (or “local LCS comic store” because they are idiots who are idiots). I’ve never heard anyone casually talking in an LCS referring to it as an LCS but then again, I was never a weekly visitor, more than a month or two visitor, and that was before lockdown. Now, it’s more like once every 3-4 months. Although I can now walk or do a very short bike ride to one in my new home town. If they have signings and readings and the like, I’d probably be more likely to go.


Just saw an eBay auction for this and now it is a new grail item for me:

Love the packaging. It tracks given her origins.

William Moulton Marston approved:

I’ve been spending way too much over the summer so this one will have to be a pass… sadly.


That last photo could have come from a Golden Age Wonder Woman story!



In the words of Seamus McFly, “That was good.”


It’s so awesome!


With Batman: Mask of the Phantasm coming to 4K this Tuesday, I got to thinking about this grail I frequently scope out on eBay, a sealed case of 30-year-old Kenner Batman: Mask of the Phantasm figures:

While pack-outs vary depending on the assortment at-hand, the alleged pack-out for the case pictured above is:

  • Decoy Batman x5
  • Rapid Attack Batman x3
  • Total Armor Batman x2
  • Jet Pack Joker x1
  • Phantasm x1

The only figures not listed above are the Tornado and Retro versions of Batman, both of which were present in the MOTP line at its inception.

I’m guessing they were removed to make room for Rapid Attack Batman, which was a later addition to the line.

If that’s the case (so to speak and pun intended), then the above sealed case is likely from the latter portion of the line’s lifespan.

The asking price isn’t too bad, given how rare factory-sealed, decades-old cases of decades-old figures are, but it isn’t pocket change, either.

Also from the factory-sealed, decades-old case of decades-old figures found on eBay file, this:

I don’t know which series that case pertains to or what its pack-out is, as the seller has never listed either piece of information.

Price is much cheaper than the MOTP case, but still not pocket change by any means.

If I ever get a factory-sealed case of schtuff from the Kenner/Hasbro era, I’d open it and then keep everything in the case exactly as it is. I wouldn’t want to remove anything (including packing tissue), but I also would want to look at everything in the case from a bird’s eye POV.

Some day…


[EDITED] Since I just scored JUST the maquette statue from the 1999 Superman Masterpiece Edition at an absurdly excellent price, the one that came with the comic book reproduction, DVD and the display, I’m far, far more interested in Lois Prime as the Best Cartoon in the Universe termed her in their Mxy/League of Lois mulitversal episode.

Also, this was $40, which was not worth it, but I wouldn’t mind this small Fleischer Superman, since he slightly articulates, and would have come with the robots. Not truly a grail since it’s not nose bleed pricing all over:

My true Fleischer grail remains the thing that doesn’t exist, which is an MTS figure with those 20 whatever points of articulation, that is an excellent head sculpt of Hoechlin, and replicates the Fleischer suit from the first season of Superman & Lois.

Bonus points for a Gold Label cloth good variant edition to go with a beautifully painted PVC version in their DC Multiverse line, where the colors match up with the TV show precisely (that deep red, that shade of blue exactly, THAT self same shield, but the belt strap should be black - even if the theatrical shorts are not shown that way by and large).


Oh, that’s easy!

More Fun Comics #73 (First appearance of Aquaman)

Its a fun story in the anthology series of More Fun Comics entitled The Submarine Strikes that depicts Aquaman’s early backstory.

I want it, I need it, I will own it before I die. I don’t care how much money I need to save, I don’t care if I’m 80 years old when it happens.

That single issue is my Holy Grail


I love that Lois Lane.


is that the origin story with the gills and the lab under water?


No Gills, but his father did have an underwater research lab. You’re thinking of One Year Later, Arthur Joseph Curry


The Arthur Joseph Curry background story was HEAVILY influenced by Aquaman’s Golden Age origin story, though


okay I’m picturing a panel on the left with his doctor day and him as a baby and they try to work in some fish biology as they show him next underwater. I don’t have the sub anymore. Perhaps dc I’ll give you some money again one day.


So Golden Age Aquaman didn’t have a single super power. All of his powers were learned. Excellent swimmer, peak physicsl condition, communicating with sea life, and yes, even breathing underwater. He was trained to do all that.

It wasn’t until the silver age (Adventure Comics #260, to be exact) that he got the origin story that we all know and love today

That origin story, I believe it was 1959, has remained mostly unchanged to this day (except for the Peter David run)


cool I haven’t read any of his stuff in a long time. The user name is more bc I am the aquamon. I kind of get disappointed with the stories. They are very much a story that takes place under water rather than an underwater story. Many missed opportunities for some great science wonders. If other love them that is wonderful, I just wish they would be more marine science based, not a lecture but it would be nice to see a story by someone who understands the environment in which it is being told.

Edit: LOL, hey DC, that’s what y’all should do. Hire me and AquaRef82 to team up and make you a aquaman story. I’ll do the art. and heck maybe then I’ll have some money and I can buy dc stuff again, ya see a nice little loop there, like the microbial loop and the cycling of nutrients in the ocean.


Right? :smile:

That’s such a fantastic WW item @SteveTrevor2.0. :+1:


Well, after twenty five-plus years, I finally have one of my grail pieces!

The DC Direct Starman badge! Okay, so the clear lid is missing from the case, but you hardly ever see these! I’m so happy. Now I have the watch and the badge. That just leaves the Cloisonné pin they did of Starman.


Very shiny. Cool! :+1: