DC Game Show: What Kind of Fan Are You?

I’ve been in quite a few forums where I feel like I know all about a character but then another member comes along with far more details. We’re a rich community with tons of experts!

Examples that I’ve noticed:

Which brought to mind how we would all fare in a competitive capacity.

DC Fans Game Show: In Which Category Would YOU Excel?

  • Well-Rounded: I know it all, not going too deep on any particular area.
  • History Buff: I can reference when it happened, why it happened, and what happened next.
  • Details-Expert: I zero in on the things others skim over.
  • In My Feelings: I recall how it made me feel and how it affected the character(s).
  • The Big Picture: I’m knowledgeable in how it all comes together.
  • Visual Authority: I focus on the artistic elements.
  • Writing Critic: I remember who wrote it and how it was composed.

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This is a personal assessment of where you focus your knowledge within the DCU fandom. Let’s discuss in the comments below!


I appreciate the nod @KeyFamily :slightly_smiling_face:. You’re always spreading positivity everywhere you go.

Truth is while I consider myself a big (and loud) Superman and Trinity fan, I’m far from an expert. Folks like @Vroom, @HubCityQuestion, @DeSade-acolyte, @AlexanderKnox, @Kon-El, among other fine members here probably put me to shame on the subject. Amazing the wealth of DC knowledge on these forums.

Having said that, I do like to consider myself “well rounded”. I know more than the fair weather fan, enough to hold my own with fellow DCU members, but get too far into the details, I find myself looking stuff up and asking, like everyone else :slightly_smiling_face:.


I’m, uh…the kind of fan that likes to read comics?


I think the vast majority of my knowledge, straight out of my personal, mental data store is silver age to just a bit post COIE. Working on the psychology of supervillains club, some of my more modern knowledge is sinking in, but it still the silver and bronze ages to be my favorites. I think comics should be fun. I’m ok with them pushing at the edges. But I will admit the 1990s put me off new comics for a while. If I want something dark and gritty, I’ll read Kafka or Dostoevsky or Brecht.

I’m also fairly well versed in the DC animated space.

It’s probably why when folks are looking for recommendations for comics, I usually point them to silver and bronze age, because so few others seem to.


I’d like to think I’m well-rounded with a very particular set of characters (namely Batman and more recently Deathstroke). I don’t know that I could nail tricky questions involving specific dates though, for example. But you never know - sometimes I am a “details-expert”! And I’m growing my knowledge every day!

Thank you so much @moro! :sun_with_face:

@ralphsix I was mostly curious how other DCUers would place themselves categorically with regards to their personal data banks. I love reading comics too! Just a fun question - “food for thought” kind of topic.

@DeSade-acolyte, there are a considerable number of threads and discussions referencing those comic eras so I’d definitely consider it a mission accomplished!

Thank you all for weighing in!


@KeyFamily You honor me, sir.

This was difficult for me. Like @DeSade-acolyte, I feel my knowledge is somewhat limited to a period. In my case Post-Crisis until New 52.

If you grill me on Silver Age stuff you’ll find me out of my depth. I’m practiced in Post-Crisis. Learning Rebirth

I’m just a nerd.




A few short comments because I am trying to put together the first week of material on the June topic for the DC History Club, which is the Huntress, though the Bronze Age, Post Crisis, New 52 and Rebirth.

Like other members, I am grateful for the huge Comic Book Library. When I was a kid I never had the chance to read early Batman and Superman stories and what a pleasure they still can give.

The Marvel.Silver Age still shines bright, the corresponding DC comics much less so, but looking at the material with adult eyes does not diminish the joy I had when I read them.as a kid.

The Bronze Age still holds up and every decade there are comic book.runs that are astounding. I find these runs by digging into my memories or reading the answers by members to a question posed by another member.

It is sad that DC comics can’t manage to produce more than three good comic titles consistently in the last few decades., but again you can usually finds some titles that are quite good, at least for a while until the writer changes or there is an editorial mandate for change for change sake.

But the good comics produced are in.the library, waiting to be discovered
The questions poised by many members make me think and I often can find answers that I.ddn’t know before.

So thanks to.those who ask intriguing questions and the other members that give intriguing answers and give me a good lead to more research

I produce timelines that show me the before during and after and I am richer for it.


Pity the vote wasn’t multiple choice, as the option I chose isn’t what I feel is most reflective of my fandom. I’d have picked multiple options.

Anyhow, I’ve over 3 decades of DC experience under my belt, and a very strong memory so stuff just sticks. Be it the comics, movies/TV (including the history of their home video releases), toys/collectibles or other things, it’s all of great, GREAT fascination to me.

I may have long, LONG since completely forgotten useless math practices that I “learned” in high school, but I’ll never completely forget DC schtuff. :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m not here to brag…I fit in to a lot of those areas. Can’t box in with just one. Thanks for the shout out. I love figs. @Vroom is actually a figs aficionado on figs. Puts me to shame as far as knowledge of them. I go to him to find out who made my figs. I just buy what visually appeals to me. Never tried to collect a series. Although. I do have a lot of singular brands, not on purpose. I also disintegrate comics. Art, characters, who wrote it, inked it, lettered it. I’m intrigued by all aspects of DC period. Comicaholic.


I think I’m The Costume Nerd the guy who Loves the costumes Of dc because they are bad@$$ and who wouldn’t want a bat Suit


@Thebatman.7002, that is an excellent add-in! And such a solid point. There just aren’t enough killer Batsuits walking around! :batman_hv_1:


This made me think DC needs to hire you for a DC trivia game show host @HubCityQuestion


Need the Option for “I know 10% to Everything but don’t ask me for info”


This post is a great idea! I went with History Buff, as I am pretty good at the when, why, where, and how of comic history. If I have one flaw it’s that my knowledge of comic books in the modern era isn’t quite up to par with my knowledge of comic books in the Golden Age, Silver Age, and Bronze Age.


Thank you @mercurie80! Great choice. Sounds like it’s time to study up. :nerd_face:


Love DC universe!!!


A little bit of each I guess.


I’m about to turn 50 and was introduced to comics when I was four. I remember freaking out when Crisis came out in 80s. I haven’t kept up couple of decades as well including Rebirth but feel I know most of the DC Universe creations.


I’m the kind of DC fan who doesn’t read comics and just watches the shows and movies. That’s okay, right?