DC Funkoverse

Has any one else played this game yet? What are your thoughts on it?


I don’t mess with Funkos. Their soulless little eyes creep me out.


After seeing the game on DC Daily and in person, I passed on it.

The mini-Pop figures are kind of neat, but the game itself didn’t look too interesting to me.

Oh I agree. It’s really just ok. It takes forever to understand. The only reason I enjoyed it was because I played it with my good friends and made it funny.

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I’m interested in it basically just because I have a decent funko collection. I like how you could combine it with other versions like Harry Potter or the Golden Girls. The idea of Batman teaming up with the Golden Girls to fight Joker and Voldemort gets me all sorts of excited. I figured it wouldn’t be a very deep game but playing with good friends and how silly of a concept it could be sounds fun to me.

I got it for Christmas haven’t tried it yet.

@HubCityQuestion I’m with you
I don’t mess with the Funko either
I just go to Gamestop and look at em

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what did you get for Christmas?

I was given both DC(Batman really) sets along with the Rick & Morty set for Christmas. It’s nothing mind blowing, but honestly if you have two or three people to play it with it’s a fun little game.

The DC funkoverse game


they had a game
I didn’t know that

Yeah they have a few featuring some pop culture characters.

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has the game been out long or has it just came out?

I’m not sure I think it came out near the end of last year.

I recently discovered the funkoverse game (I’m a big Funko Pop Collector) and I LOVE it! It’s hilarious and fun (IF you are into Strategy Games) and I have BOTH DC Comics version (Batman, Batgirl, Robin, Joker, Harley, and Catwoman). It is worth it and I’m looking forward to MORE DC Funkoverse as well collecting others (The Golden Girls are a MUST!)


I recently bought the game. My wife and I collect funko pops and thought we’d try it. We really love it. Once you play a few times you get used to the rules. They seem a little overwhelming at first (or just welming) but are fairly simple. You can put a good strategy together and have fun in my opinion.