DC Films - Where Do We Go From Here?

Hey there, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve made topic, but this has been on my mind a lot recently so I figured I should open myself up to a discussion to hopefully gather everyone’s thoughts.

Now, the DC Entertainment Universe as we know has been a bit clumsy and clunky in my opinion. I’m not saying this to crap on the films that have been released or to tell you that you shouldn’t enjoy them. I just mean that the actual construction of a cinematic universe doesn’t seem to have been thought through and there lacks a consistent through line that seems to tie them all together outside of Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and Justice League. (Yes, I’m aware there are cameos of characters in Shazam! and Suicide Squad), but beyond that the universe has felt very disjointed in my opinion. None of the events in each of the films that have been released seem to have any impact on other films or the universe as a whole. That’s something that is VERY important for making these cinematic worlds feel real and lived in.

I know the MCU isn’t for everyone, and I’m not here to argue that DC should take on the Marvel approach, but I think it’s important to acknowledge that each of the films they’ve released have an impact on the universe as a whole. What happens in a one film will bleed into and directly affect almost every film after it. DC’s universe as it stands doesn’t seem to have that affect. There haven’t been any consistent or compelling through lines that connect or build upon the films that have been released.

Beyond that major issue, I think the thing that fueled this uncertainty and concern with the DCEU was really sparked with the recent release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Personally, I haven’t been a fan of his work thus far, but I hold a great amount of respect for him. I think the reason he was originally pulled off is tragic and the fact that he got to complete his story is beautiful and just (pun intended). That said, I have ZERO interest in seeing his cinematic universe expanded upon from here on out.

I’m not here to argue my opinions on the Snyderverse as that’s not the point of this discussion (feel free to reach out to me personally or tag me in a thread on the topic if you would like to have that conversation and I’ll try my best to get to it). At the end of the day, I just don’t like or want it, but I can’t tell if maybe I’m in the minority here. Do most DC fans want the DCEU to keep going as it has been or are the people being listened to just in the very outspoken majority? I mean, I may not like it, but there is CLEARLY a demand for it from a lot of people; and it would be foolish of me to ignore that.

I think there is a clear fracture that seems to be splitting DC fans and right now there hasn’t been much of an effort to satisfy either of them on the part of Warner Bros. But, to be fair, I’m not quite sure how they should go about it. So that’s why I’ve set up this thread. To ask a diverse and passionate sector of the DC fandom what they would like to see and how they think it should be handled.

What should Warner Bros. do with DC films from here on out? How has the release of Snyder’s Justice League affected what comes next and how do we properly address it? I have a way that I think will work that I’ll share below, but I just wanted to use this opening to set-up the conversation. I appreciate your patience and willingness to read this as it was quite long haha. I look forward to seeing your responses.

Make sure to keep the conversation respectful and kind. It’s cool to disagree on stuff, but don’t let it turn into fighting or being mean. Let’s all try our best to have a positive conversation where we all get our thoughts out and maybe bridge the gap on the two sides a bit.


Okay… so… how would I solve the problems I talked about above? You see, I think one thing that I think Warner Bros. has done with the recent release of Joker and upcoming release of The Batman is the introduction of what I’ve been calling Elseworlds. These films, just like the comic book Elsewords, are DC films that take place outside of the main DCEU timeline. A fully branched out multiverse hasn’t really been explored in movies yet. Yes, the new Doctor Strange is going to focus on it, but outside of that Marvel hasn’t expressed much of an interest in exploring the concept. I think DC should take advantage of the multiverse in order to stand out AND perfectly solve the issue of the fractured fan base.

Oh, you don’t like Ben Afflecks’ Batman? Then go check out Robert Pattinson’s. Don’t like Jared Leto’s Joker? Have you tried Joaquin Phoenix’s? You see, a fully developed multiverse allows for different takes on beloved characters running at the same time that can satisfy the diverse fandom who seem to all want different things. On top of that, you could also explore the Snyderverse still alongside the main timeline (although I’m not sure that’s something Warner Bros or Snyder himself would want to do since it seems like they’re both over it).

Beyond that, I think the main DCEU needs a fresh restart. I know everyone gets frustrated with reboots within the superhero genre, but I think the DCEU just desperately needs one. As I explained above, the universe feels broken and disjointed and most of the films haven’t built on each other very well. Rebooting the timeline allows for a fresh start that can allow for the universe to rebuild in a more connected and well-thought out way. But how do we explain the multiverse and reboot the timeline? Well, I would use the upcoming Flash movie.

Now, obviously it’s too late to have any effect on what this movie is going to be. I’m not actually saying this is what’s going to happen nor do I think this thread will have much of an effect on what we’re getting. This is just what I would personally do. I think it’s been pretty well established that The Flash is going to center around the Flashpoint storyline, which perfectly sets it up to reboot the timeline as that’s what it was used to do in the comics and animated universe.

On top of that, it could also show The Flash exploring the multiverse and build off Ezra Miller’s cameo in the CW’s Flash. Now, unlike most people, I don’t think it was actually an intended plan to set up the multiverse in the films. From what Marc Guggenheim has said, Ezra’s cameo was very last minute and just something that kind of fell into his lap and took advantage of. That said, I think now that it has happened it would be a waste not to use it. Maybe even giving Grant Gustin a cameo in the movie to help satisfy and do some fan service for the people who love the CWverse.

So yeah, that’s how I would do it. What are your thoughts?


I am ready for a reboot/do-over. I agree that things have been pretty disjointed. While I can find the movies entertaining, I have not liked what they did with Flash, Aquaman, and Superman, and recent Wonder Woman (liked her in BvS and her first movie…really disliked the WW84). I think Ben Affleck as Batman is good, but I prefer Batman around the age of the rest of the Justice League. Don’t get me started on two different Cyborgs, one in Justice League and the other in Doom Patrol.

I think one of the worst in my opinion is how they are portraying the Flash, and I feel that the Flash movie in some way can try to make something coherent out of the existing universe. I am concerned because it is being built with a Flash I dont think is anything like the Flash from the comics.

Even if it means we have to start completely over, I would like to see a true attempt at creating a universe where there is interconnectivity and each movie means something to the others. Then with HBO Max, some shows that are still connected.

Yes, this is the MCU playbook, but it works and does not need to be done to the same extent. The positive reactions to the Syndercut, do not make me think we need more Snyder (especially because the future visions are really looking like the Injustice games), but it does show that people can still get excited for DC films. If WB/DC are having this trouble, hire some people that work at Disney to help design the layout for the movies/shows and PLEASE make more connections to the comic books and cartoons. Easter eggs are so popular and we love to delve into adaptations of characters and stories that we care about like everyone is doing with Marvel movies/shows


I would give Snyder Man of Steel, BvS, and Justice League. That’s your own universe. Then let the directors of Wonder Woman, Shazam, Aquaman, Suicide Squad, and any other DC film going forward know that they’re only tied to that mess if they want to be.

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Yeah, I could see that happening. I think the one thing that DC needs is a figure head to help communicate between everyone’s visions. I think the main issue DC has was that they were trying to build an entire universe based on a single person’s idea for the characters. Which made it difficult for anyone with a different take to build off that universe and have their own ideas.

I think allowing these characters be in a universe open to a bunch of different ideas and visions is the best way to go movie forward. I’m still not a fan of most of the films DCEU has had beyond Snyder, but I do think with stuff like Shazam! 2 and The Suicide Squad that I’m very much open to that future. I think the key is having tons of different directors/writers with diverse ideas coming together to build a universe that feels connected. They don’t all have to be in the same style, but they should all bounce off one another and impact each other.

here are my rambling disconnected thoughts: i just don’t see why they all have to be super connected like we can have multiple versions, they should spend less time on creating one set connection and more on individual movies being good. like some of BvS issues that make the film not that great are set up to snyder justice league which is fine(I’m not a fan of snyders style but whatever) when you watch BvS in theaters or once its on DVD before its going to get some bad reviews because it has A LOT of unresolved stuff.(even without snyder wheadon thing it still a good two or so year difference between films) correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t movie theater release how they made most of their money, course that’s changing now but if they want money they need good reviews so my guess is they are moving away from super connected universe(sorry people who want snyderverse restored). also, they don’t have to be super connected the more you try to make them super connected the more your going to have tiny plot holes. if the actors want to keep playing heroes they should keep them(except Amber Heard but that’s a whole other discussion)


I agree that the films don’t have to be connected and I would be totally down for Warner Bros. just switching it up and going with a bunch of disconnected, but well made DC films. That said, they seem to be making an active effort to create a connected universe. To do so, the films they make should impact one another. I think having a shared universe still allows for unique visions and different takes on characters. Other universes have done it and it also has been proven to work well in comics.

The main thing DC needs to work on if they continue down the shared universe route is showing the events of one film will affect the next. For example, WW84 showed a massive, international emergency that affected billions of people, but there was never even a reference to it in any of the other films that take place after it. Obviously WW84 was filmed long after BvS and Justice League, but that’s something that should have been considered if the universes are connected. That’s all I’m getting at.

So if Warner Bros. were to put someone in place to help “conduct the orchestra” if you will, then I think that would help. Have someone at the top talking with all of the different directors with different ideas and find away for them to work together and see how they can collaborate on how their films work together. I know everyone hates DC and Marvel comparisons and I fully understand why, but they’re the best example of a shared film universe working. So you look at the way someone like Kevin Fiege works with the people on Thor: Love and Thunder and Guardians 3 to have two very different films that’ll still connect and affect one another for a compelling shared universe. Same with what they seem to be doing with WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2.

If you get someone at the top who understands and deeply loves the franchise, then you can let them lead the way and do the legwork to create bridges between the films without compromising the visions of the directors. It seems to have worked very well and I think if DC plans to build their own universe it’s something they should work on.


another thing that would work is not always having world ending stakes like if Batman is stopping someone from nuking gotham you would think the league would show up but if he’s fighting penguin the league will leave him alone.that way we don’t have tp explain where everyone else is. so like in Shazam we know the justice league is there thanks to multiple easter eggs, but there is no reason for them to show up cause sivana hasn’t actually done that much, he realeased the 7 deadly sins but only magic people would know but Sivana has the on a tight and leash. but all he has actually done is kill 15 people and threaten some kids it makes since for superman to be busy


That’s a great point and also a great criticism of the whole superhero genre as well. I feel like almost all superhero films (both Marvel and DC) force their characters to deal with a major world ending event every time which not only breaks the illusion of the connections but also makes it not as compelling to watch (at least for me). We know that there’s no way the superheroes are going to lose if it means the entire world is at stake. Making a change like this would be better for the whole genre. Keep the world-ending events to the team ups.


The Dino Charge Power Rangers have entered the chat.

I stand corrected haha. That said, it’s been a few years since I’ve been caught up on the Power Rangers lure (I was Dino Thunder/SPD era kid myself).


Where do I apply for for Supreme Art Conductor? LOL! I would argue a few points.

1st: Separate all DC into groups with Venn overlaps (diagram). Aliens, vigilantes, LGBTQIA…, Lanterns, Speedsters, Magic, Teenagers, etc…

2nd: Develop stand alone worlds, or cities like; Gotham, Metroplis, Argo, Hell, Themiscara, Atlantis etc… so the franchises can work in a consistent environment. This would help with dialogue and set/costume design.

3rd: Pick a franchise hero/villain and individual heroes/villains for each installment.

4th: Contract with game developers like Netherrealms, Daybreak, Rocksteady etc… for input on fight choreography and city/world perspectives.

5th: Create “group” committee for branding crossover movies so that a single character representing each respective world can easily be picked.

6th: Reboot the Lantern movie franchise as a space police force with 1 of each color, except white/black, and have their mission be independent of what us Earthlings deal with.

7th: Provide 1 year advance social communication with the fans including contract work opportunities for artists to be involved before movie production begins. Even the food in the films should look tasty!

I have plenty more.


That’s a lot of ideas! Mind going into how you think these would make the DC Film Universe better? I just wanna know your thought process behind them. :slight_smile:

Basically, aside from my own journey into creating characters for my thoughts on various themes, DC comics has inspired many people through art and narrative. Companies, like individuals, grow in wisdom as in wealth. I would say the cause of most challenges are from a lack of inspiration. This inspiration requires concrete steps and a solid foundation.

For movies, especially during this current period, the visual aesthetics are only a part of the picture. Sometimes films don’t get released because of venture interest. Traveling events usually helps build that process. Sometimes, worthy artists pull out because of family/FMLA. Regardless of the reasons, keeping projects alive requires longer planning than just a few hits here and a few losses there.

Characters like Batman or Wonder Woman or Superman are not much different than a business operating in both a location and a network. The network of investors, small or angel, are obvious to point to. But the location aspect, which is where presentations are done, like movies or events, are more complex.


I am quite content with the DCEU being made up of semi-independent films in the same cinematic universe. One of the things that irks me about the MCU is the obligation to watch every single film in that franchise just to know what’s happening in the Avengers films. Crossovers ruined comic books. There’s no need to ruin movies the same way.


I enjoy the multiverse approach, I think WB needs to do some better marketing of it though. I personally would like to see more of the Snyderverse and I would be perfectly content if it was a series of miniseries on HBO Max. But that’s just wishful thinking on my part. And I don’t necessarily want to cancel any non-Snyder announced films either.

I am however firmly against a reboot without a proper end to what came before. I find that incredibly frustrating.


I’m cool with them doing semi-independent films as well if they weren’t trying so badly to market and promote it as a cinematic universe.

Like, if they just went back to independent solo films on cool characters, I’d be down. But if you’re marketing the franchise as a shared universe, then I’d like for the films to have more impact and weight in the universe they’re building.


except the tv shows the MCU tv shows can never affect the movies(this gets really bad the more you watch agents of shield)


That’s valid. I can see why you’d want a proper end to the franchise since you’ve been enjoying it. I will admit my solution of a reboot is heavily based in my indifference/dislike of what we’ve had so far. But that’s totally a personal preference thing.


Let’s look at some MCU reboots though, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Fantastic Four. How much impact did the producers vs. actors vs. story-writers have in success or failure.