DC Fight Club

Every week we take two DC characters and make them fight in arena combat.

Post who you think wins and suggestions for the next combatants.:grin:

Week one Swamp Thing VS Poison Ivy

Rules are that they fight the way they would in the comics meaning that if the character doesn’t kill in the comics they won’t kill here

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Poison ivy because she is bada** and is able to use anyone’s weakness against them to get benefit and considering she is the queen of the plants she could control swamp thing

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I am gonna have to go with Swampy, master of the green. I do love this match up though!

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Ivy controls plants she would over power swamp thing considering he is made of leaves

They both control plants, but Swamp Thing has more power. I think Ivy would be outmatched.

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My personal pick is swampy. Close fight if you ask me though.

I say Swamp Thing. He has the full backing of the green.

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But so does ivy.

Swamp Thing has the whole Green on his side. I think that trumps Ivy’s abilities.

DC Fight club week 2: Red hood VS. Nightwing


I say Jason. In a straight fight Dick is going for the subdue, whereas Jason is going for the injure to keep you out of my way for a while and escape. Plus Jason is slightly more ruthless.

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Dick is going to win, trained with Batman longer, trained with others more, and Grayson has all the plot armor.


Dick can defend better. Defense is better than strength


Nightwing would beat Red Hood in most scenarios. Better in every way. Jason’s only “advantage” would be his willingness to kill, but the no kill rule isn’t really a handicap for the Bat-Family.

Nightwing, probably. Although he has no pockets.

Week 3:
Blue beetle (original) and booster gold vs. Blue beetle (new) and Beast boy

Jaime just because he’s a long range character and can match flight and speed…

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Week 4: Rorschach vs Detective Chimp

Week Five: looking glass vs the question