DC Fandome success article

Interesting article on fandome. As I think we all know, it was a big success. So, predictably, WB is now looking for ways to cash in. This is fine IMO as long as they don’t go overboard.

Most interesting to me was this part in the article though:
“Of course, the obvious way to do that might arguably be DC Universe, DC’s own not-HBO-branded streaming service, which saw big layoffs during Warner’s recent round of cuts and seems to be headed for a future where original content is virtually nil.”

Kinda funny (in a not funny way for us DCU fans)
Execs: Yeah, everyone seems to like DC stuff. Why don’t we charge some kind of monthly fee and they would pay for access to DC news on like a daily show and we put up DC original programming and interviews? Yeah , that’s a good idea! :roll_eyes:

Anyway, looking forward to fandome part 2!


“This event was a huge success! There has to be some way we can ruin it!!”


They seem to fail to understand how much money the hype that this event alone will generate. A free premiere of Man of Tomorrow? Showcasing and highlighting content? That’s how you convince people to watch things, buy things, etc that they might not otherwise. This is the perfect gateway drug.

It would be stupid to monetize it.

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