DC FanDome Merch

Did anyone pick up any of the exclusive merchandise for the event? If so what if so what did you get?

It seems like it was all tshirts. Does anyone know if the beanie, windbreaker, and backpck in this pick ever went up?

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I ordered a DC Fandome Bumblebee shirt from Amazon.


Wow, I went on the site and didn’t see any of this at all. I thought the Fandome exclusives were pretty tacky though. Also overpriced.

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It was all just tshirts, if there was hats keychains, lanyards, jackets I would have probably spent a good chunk of change.

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It was pointed out in the WAL that most of that stuff could be found in the Amazon store for wayyyyy better shipping and a better price. The shirts, at least.


Seriously. I purchased one of the shirts from Walmart a long time ago for about half the price. Highway robbery at that store lol

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I’m a hat guy myself. Surprisingly don’t own many superhero caps though.

I picked up one of those Associate Producer charity shirts for ZS Justice League if that counts. :slight_smile:

Wish there was a poster with the Jim Lee Multiverse artwork.

The WW Chrissie Zullo statue was being sold for $39.