Dc Fan Dome

So what was your favorite part of DC fan dome? I’m going to say the Batman trailer but
1a would be the flash in ZS JL


For me it was Gotham Knights. I played the Arkham games quite a lot and got 100 Percent in Asylum and City. I can’t wait to get my hands on a game similar to them, but this time maybe play co op with one of my friends in my dorm now that co ops a thing.


I missed it, but I’m looking at what is being talked about online and all I can say is “OH YEYAH! LET’S GO!” (I need to calm down) :joy:

It was ok. Maybe I was too hyped for it. Never been to a con, but if that is the extent of what the panels have to offer, consider me whelmed.

Favorite part was the trailers, especially the Snyder cut. Looks to be a completely different movie from what we got, in a good way. The Batman, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad footage was all cool to watch. All look to be solid, entertaining movies at the very least.

No Henry Cavill Superman news is disappointing. Also, other than Milestone’s comeback, didn’t catch any big comic book news, unless I missed something which is entirely possible.