DC Fan Art Club: Weekly Challenge #94 - Far Sector! June 11 - 18, 2022

Hi @DCFanArtClub and welcome to the second week of Pride month at DC.
This week saw the release of the DC Pride 2022 special (this year in print and digital on DCUI on the same date) and one story featured Sojourner “Jo” Mullein from Far Sector.

The original Far Sector series from 2019 by N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell (the full 12 issue series is available on DCUI) is a murder mystery starring a newly chosen Green Lantern and set in deep, deep space. So deep, in fact, Jo describes it as:

Visually, the design of the series by Jamal Campell is amazing. It has aliens, spacecraft, cityscapes and a fantastic Green Lantern costume! I know I brought up this series back in February for AAPI month, but I think it is worth coming back to so we can all take a crack at drawing some of these designs.

Take a look into this fantastic world to see what inspires you!

Due Date: June 18, 2022
Discussion, works-in-progress and final submission all in the thread below.

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Her story in this years pride was definitely one of my favorites. Still have to get to reading far sector but cool challenge. Have some ideas.


Started reading and very current language in use! Definitely a story arc worth using as a base platform for an alt-Justice League; Kryptonian, Speedster, Crazy folks, Tech infusers (Cyborg), Wealth Privilege, “Ocean” Warrior, Mythical God etc…

Artwork totally cinematic!

And I am of course going to bring some very interesting perspective with my art! Hopefully I’ll be done Wednesday. I decided to work on Jo’s shades for the “Lantern” perspective! Started already and … yeah it should be fantastic!


Here’s a shot of Jo gliding in for a landing. Tried a few different perspectives and I think it’s still a bit flat, but I like the overall look.


Really awesome stuff here. Love the perspective!!


I dont think its flat at all, besides its a weird perspective and i think you nailed it! Also great hands amd shading.


Landing or landing a punch! I really love the perspective!


I decided on referencing Cis & Trans based on assuming Jo is right handed. It’s about the left brain-right brain Theory that essentially says one side deals with logic and strategy and the other with emotions and art. Cis, then, would be the non-deterministic personality. Trans would be post-referential thoughts; as in “I have seen and must now explain to myself what I have seen!”

The center point of the outside of the shades are meant to be hardwired into the light construct. The idea is that regardless of the Lantern type, their shades (like their rings) have advanced technology that allows them to see light constructs.

The inside is what a typical Lantern might see. Something akin to a fighter pilots’ helmet. However the question I always wondered was, “If a Lantern thinks into reality a light construct, doesn’t that include visualization & simulation?”


Very thought provoking as usual!


Thanks @RobArt471, @stefanie.m and @Stephen.Gluck.Henderson.67303!

I’ve been trying to pull off a good bird’s eye view for a while now, but never felt it came out well. Glad you like this one.

The more I look at it, the more I like it (and the costume is fun to draw).


I was not familiar with this Green Lantern but the design was just so striking that I felt like doing a closeup portrait this time instead of an action shot. I really like how I got the goggles/glasses effect.


In addition to this week’s challenge, I’ve been working on my celebrity sketches to bring to Terrificon to show the celebrity guests and get autographs on. I’ve completed two so far this week. The DC Fan Art Club has really built my confidence and improved my skills to the point that I can share with those I draw drawings of. I have shared my celebrity likenesses on the q and a here in this community as well as had Doc Brown and Lorraine Baines McFly sign my drawings of them. I plan to share with you after I’ve shared with the celebrities first. Stay tuned


I like it! The 3 dots on the left remind me Firehawk!


What’s the q?


Question and answer
They would often have DC related celebrities on where you could post questions and they would answer them. I started posting questions and drawings


Ah! Thanks.


Very nice portrait! I’m not sure how you did that glasses effect with just pencil, but it’s very awesome.

I also now realize I forgot the buttons on the right side of Jo’s costume!


For the glasses, I started with the face drawn as I normally would. I outlined where the glasses would be. Then I erased some of it to make the lines lighter and tried to gray the hair underneath. I then lightly shaded the glasses and then erased my outline of the glasses. It looks like I pasted a clear cellophane over it so I like it.
As fur the buttons don’t worry about it. I looked at several references and noticed them. They give it a Rocketeer feel to the jacket I think.


Looks Awesome™:+1:.
It looks pretty 3D to me. The posing looks great.

Looks awesome™:+1:. Very creative.

Very awesome™:+1:.
Cool with the transparency. Came out great.


I really liked the detective pride story. Was very fun. Could read a series of it (maybe a Green Lantern Black+White+Green series​:thinking:).

So made a noir movie poster for the story in the book. Really like how it came out especially the clothes wrinkles.