DC Fan Art Club: Weekly Challenge #88 - Classic Cover Re-Creation: Wonder Woman #73! April 23 - 30, 2022

Hi @DCFanArtClub! As we head into the last week of April, let’s try something a bit different.

Brian Bolland is an amazing comic artist best know for Judge Dredd, Camelot 3000 and Batman: The Killing Joke. He’s also worked on many covers for DC over the years including a run on Wonder Woman in the 90s.

One cover that always stuck in my mind is Wonder Woman #73 from 1993 when Diana had to take a job working at Taco Whiz. The combination of regal Diana working a fast food job is such a silly visual concept that Brian pulled off beautifully.

The challenge this week is to recreate this cover using ANY DC character and from any perspective or angle. What’s the wildest combination of character and fast food that you can think of? What would they have on the tray? Would they be carrying it by hand, by super power or with minions?

Be creative and have fun!

Due Date: April 30, 2022
Discussion, works-in-progress and final submission all in the thread below.

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Very interesting challenge. Sounds very fun. Now who to do?:thinking:


For the challenge this week I replaced Diana with Sara Lance from Legends of Tomorrow. I even changed the fast food to Big Belly Burger as this was the fast food chain on the Arrowverse shows. I also updated the corner box to have CW and Season 8 for fall 2022, as I am also pushing for my favorite Arrowverse show to be renewed!


Nice work and some double duty to keep LoT hope alive. It’s got to be renewed, it can’t end on a cliffhanger!


Come on down to Apoko Taco where all the food is Omega (beam) level hot!


True I hope it doesn’t get cancelled but they did give themselves an episode that showed them their possible futures and seemed like a good finale of it comes to that. I’d just be bummed to only get Booster Gold for one episode.


I’m laughing so hard!! Great job!


Thanks! This one was fun!


@ImpulseMaxMercury – I love it! Great likeness, and I love the time slot detail in the issue box.

@JKoco17 – First off, I want ApokoTaco to be real. That’s perfect. Seconds, beautiful Darkseid Dark S. - such perfect shading detail. And the perfect scowl; just a bit more disgruntled than standard Darkseid.

Is the soda cup logo “anti-LF” as in anti-life? :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart:


Thanks Keath! Yes, that cup logo sure is Anti-Life!

More slogans keep coming to mind…

Not even Hunger Dogs go hungry at Apoko Taco!


That’d get me in the door. Workin’ in the fire pits for my chance at a a single spoonful of Armagetto Albondigas.


Oh lord your tag line is brilliant :clap: :rofl: :rofl:

Darkseid looks intimidating as all get up but somehow really adorable with his hat. :+1:


Oh nice pose work! Plus all the little details you put in, like the mtn and central time for the show and the restaurant as well as the not so subtle renew at the top :joy: and nice hands.


lol :laughing:


Thank you Stef!

I initially had the idea of 2 parademons holding the ends of the tray while Darkseid did his ‘holding his hands behind his back’ pose, but then I figured carrying his own tray gave him that softer (adorable?) look.

Also, drawing 2 parademons is hard…


Looks awesome™:+1:
Great Arrowverse recreation.
Stinks it didn’t get renewed. Hopefully they be able rap up the cliffhanger in another shape or form. Or be pick up by something else.

This is great :laughing::laughing:. The names perfect very catchy. And I stern facial expression if great. Reminds me of the classic Darksied McDonalds image.


Had fun with this. Never really drew much food so wanted to play with textures and shading to try and get it. Liked the results.

:atom_symbol:At Molecular Meals, from bun to sesame seed, your food is perfected down to the very last atom :atom_symbol:


Oh! I never actually saw this before. Thanks for pointing it out. That’s Keith Giffen art, isn’t it?

I’m glad mine didn’t come off as a total swipe :slight_smile:


This is great! So when Atom is small, does one sesame seed fill him up??