DC Fan Art Club: Weekly Challenge #78 - Black History Month! February 12 - 19, 2022

Hi @DCFanArtClub! Besides Valentine’s Day, February is notable as being Black History Month. This week, I’d like to shine the spotlight on a few characters that are relatively new to the DC Universe and who have not yet been featured in any of our weekly challenges (I think!). The links below are to series available right here on DCUI.

Since the characters above aren’t necessarily a big part of DC history (yet), any other black character is also eligible this week. Feel free to draw Cyborg, Black Lightning, Vixen, Mister Terrific, Nubia, Rocket, Icon, Static or any of your other favorites if you’d like.

Let’s acknowledge the past and look to the future for Black History Month!

Due Date: February 19, 2022
Discussion, works-in-progress and final submission all in the thread below.

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Awesome™:+1:. A lot of cool characters to choose from. Who to do?:thinking:


The Far Sector Green Lantern costume is a very slick design. I’m working with that.


Nice it is a cool design.
I think I’m going to for more bat with Jace. Drew him before with the future future state Trinity but never solo so want to see how that works out.


That is a cool costume and I am jealous! Although, I have never ever drawn Cyborg. Maybe, just maybe, I can draw him.


Good idea. I was actually doing random doodles of ZSJL Cyborg last night. Maybe I’ll elaborate on those for this.


I actually just bought the entire Far Sector book and I’m obsessed (tho I haven’t read it yet) the art is INSANE. And the designs are gorgeous. Jo has this coat design that I can’t get over since it’s made with the rings power :clap: Finally someone putting the ring to good use! :laughing:

That being said I have been itching to draw Jackson Hyde and Vixen lately :thinking:


I thought about a lot of different characters, but after finally deciding on the dcshg version of Catwoman, I drew dcshg’s Karen.

Just traced a pic from online and added accents in the hair and eyes, a hexagon thing to the sweater and messed around for a background.


Really cool effects! I had to zoom in to see the hexagons on the sweater – they are a really nice touch!

That’s Bumblebee, right?


Totally agree! Jamal Campbell did the art and designs on both Far Sector and Naomi. He did amazing work designing two brand new worlds back to back for DC.

I knew I was forgetting some people. Jackson Hyde, Bumblebee and even Green Lantern John Stewart! I’m sure there’s more…


I tried several different poses and ultimately went with one that didn’t show off the costume design much, but did have Jo soaring through the air.


I redrew Aqualad, but I was looking at the reference and said to myself ‘dont draw an outline. learn to live without one.’ so I went about tracing where each color belonged and in the end, I still had an outline

In other news, I drew Fish ‘only her friends call her Fish’ Mooney as a chibi


Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s not Bumblebee, it’s Karen Beecher

She’s out of uniform right now and we don’t want to spoil her secret id


My brother saw me doing the challenge and decided to draw Black Manta with a banana sword. I’m not sure if Ive taught him well or not. I would have gone for a banana boomerang.


Here’s my quick entry for Black History Month, Cyborg from Zack Snyder’s Justice League!


Oh I didn’t know they did Naomi too! I’m definately gonna have to track down their socials bc the design work in Naomi was excellent too


Even if some of the costume is covered that pose is was too cool, makes me want to be a green lantern and fly too! :smile:


Jamal doesn’t post much on Twitter, but here are all of his contacts.


Ooh thank you!!
I hardly use Twitter anyway so that’s fine


Whoaa so fun fact, now that I’m looking through his old art I used to follow him yearrrrs ago on deviant art! Not surprised hes made it to making whole series’ I think I still have some of his art saved to my PC for inspiration:

There was a whole series of these and the motion and energy he was able to capture is so inspiring