DC Fan Art Club: Weekly Challenge #77 - The Bat and the Cat! February 5 - 12, 2022

Hi @DCFanArtClub! It’s February already and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Let’s celebrate with a Bat and Cat week!

The Batman/Catwoman series by Tom King and Clay Mann has its first 5 issues right here on DCUI. Clay’s is really doing fantastic work on this series!

For this challenge, feel free to mix and match any version of Batman and Catwoman together. Batman’s look hasn’t varied too drastically over the years, but Catwoman has gone from grey to purple to black leather (with goggles) and many in-between. Pick two favorites, even if they never existed in the same time period, and create something fun.

Due Date: February 12, 2022
Discussion, works-in-progress and final submission all in the thread below.

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I was legit thinking about an idea for this topic earlier today. Crazy coincidence. :joy:


Too bad DC themselves, can’t see what we create. It’d probably make it easier for us aspiring artists to get noticed by them.


A moderator on here once told me to keep drawing and participating as much as I can, and who knows? :eyes: Either way, that idea has helped me draw at a more proficient rate and improve in the last month or so.


Hmm I wonder, I mean either way getting your art out to other artists and fans in the DC Community is a great way to make connections and get eyes on your art.
In the past the community did some Q&As with people who work in various departments on other DC media. Those were awesome and gave me the opportunity to learn and connect with some of the people working in fields I’d like to some day. I hope they do more things like that in future too!


Man, shame I missed that. Hope to participate in the next one, whenever that is!


I figure any way to bring more eyes to your art the better. This group brings a bunch of people together and we are here if a DC editor is searching for new talent. In addition, I urge people to repost their art to facebook, twitter, instagram and maintain a digital portfolio somewhere.

I like or a retweet by a comics pro means that your art could pass in front of thousands more eyes.

Really the only way to get hired is to make a connection with an editor someway or somehow.


Exacy right. Hopefully we all get our shot.


I know I used to draw likenesses of the celebrities who answered a and a’s here. It started with Anjelika Washington, Dr Mid Nite on Stargirl. It was so cool seeing her react and like it that I started doing it for others. I drew most of the Stargirl cast, John Wesley Shipp. I even drew Ron Marz as a Green Lantern when he was here. I have also gotten recognition from David Dastmalchian when I drew Polka Dot Man. When I drew the non-binary Flash using nothing but non-binary symbols, I tagged and got great feedback from one of the creators Eleonara Carlini. When I shared my homage to Joe Kubert war comics, Adam Kubert liked it. I think any platform where you draw you can now get closer and closer to those in the industry easier than before. Just continue drawing and you never know who is watching!


By the way, I have my idea for this weeks challenge. My idea brings me back to one of my earliest DC related artwork and it feels nostalgic to revisit after that many more years experience.


Bat/Cat. Awesome™:+1:.


Here’s my work in progress of Batman & Catwoman Beyond piece!


I went with the 2002 era Darwyn Cooke Catwoman and a mostly modern Batman.

This is another one where the background came first. Once I had the gargoyle in place, I drew the figures to match.


First a little background.
I was in my senior year of high school ( dating myself) when I had to paint something for my art class. I chose the cover to Catwoman #6 and I added red like blood from the Azbat’s claws. It did not turn out too bad for painting, not one of my favorite mediums. I don’t believe I have the painting but here is the cover for reference:

I decided to tackle it again this many years later, in pencil. I substituted Azbats for the Batman who Laughs.


Looked what happened when I tagged Catwoman artist Jim Balent after posting my picture!!!


Both the art piece and this bit of news are super cool. :sunglasses:




Wow, this is great!. You have the full composition with all the cover elements and you brought it together really well.

I never even thought about using the Batman Who Laughs in this challenge! Great idea!

Also, Jim Balent’s work defined Catwoman in the 90s. So cool to get feedback from him.

I repost some of my stuff on twitter and I gave you a follow on Instagram. I’ll start linking there as well. The more we can spread the word about our group, the better.

I’m jkoco17 just about everywhere!


In the spirit of digging up old art and to continue the Jim Balent appreciation, here’s an old Catwoman pic I did way back in 1999. Just pencil on paper! I think I may have sold the original on ebay ages ago.

I posted this once before when I first came to this site. Actually finding my old piles of art is what made me want to come back and try again with digital tools.


Gonna be spectacular when it is done! Can’t wait!