DC Fan Art Club: Weekly Challenge #61, September 18 - 25, 2021

Hi @DCFanArtClub! The topic this week is Jim Lee’s Wildcats (or WildC.A.T.S.)

Wildcats started as part of the very first wave of Image Comics before Wildstorm was purchased by DC. There have been several volumes which featured the work of many top tier creators in addition to Jim Lee such as Alan Moore, Travis Charest and Dustin Nguyen. Not all of the original series is on DCUI, but the majority of the subsequent volumes are.

There’s even been crossovers with the JLA and the Aliens movie franchise.

More recently, Grifter has appeared in Batman: Urban Legendswhich had its first issue come onto DCUI this past week.

By the way, is it just me, or does it blow your mind to see the original Image comics with the DC logo on them??

So pick your favorite character from any version of Wildcats (Spartan, Grifter, Zealot, Warblade, Voodoo, Maul, Void, Lord Emp!) and join in on the fun!

Due Date: September 25, 2021
Submit: Post your final work here.
Works-In-Progress should be shared in this thread. :+1:

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Cool, never read these guys but I think @RobArt471 did a maul once right? Fun challenge JK :+1:


Interesting. Haven’t really dove into the wildcats but sound fun. :+1:


Love the new bats Halloween icon :halloween_batman:


Thanks :+1: :halloween_batman:


There is a WildC.A.T.S cartoon on Tubi.


I started this, the theme song is hilarious.


I’ve watched a few episodes of that cartoon. It’s certainly interesting.

Reminds me of when The Savage Dragon was turned into a kid’s cartoon.


Ok DC Fan Art Club, I need your help.
Usually I find my hook into a challenge and can just go from there.
However this one has got me stuck. Maybe it’s that I’m not that familiar with the characters or maybe I’m struggling with my realistic style with characters with different proportions but I’m not finding my way in.
So I’m asking for you to suggest to me a character to draw and what they should be doing. This should hopefully ignite my creative juices.


Grifter, feel like this panel leans more toward realistic.

Seems to me hes always shooting things and running his mouth so any scene where he’s doing just that lol.


Grifter is a good choice. He is kind of like the Wildcats’ Wolverine.

Another good one is Spartan. He’s their Cyclops.
Basically a lot of clenched fists and glowing hands.


Being the Jim Lee fan that I am, I have geeked over who would play who in a live action movie. So, if this helps, I have always leaned toward Brad Pitt playing Grifter. Of course, this was in his younger days when the comic was new and all over the place. Hope that helps!


Yes, I did do a Maul! I love all things Jim Lee! His style was and is a big influence on my own. I will definitely be in on this challenge. I have been a bit busy with another private project and FanDome, which is why I missed the last one, but I can not miss this one!! Question is which character shall I do this time?? :thinking: