DC Fan Art Club: Weekly Challenge #54, July 17 - 31, 2021 EXTENDED

Hi @DCFanArtClub! The Future State comics started to arrive on DC Universe last week and more will be arriving over the next few weeks.

I figure that is a great reason to have a Future State Challenge! Pick your favorite from The Next Batman, Yara Flor (Wonder Woman), Jonathan Kent (Superman), Red X (Teen Titans) or any other character from these comics and create fan art to welcome them to the future of the DC Universe.

The full list of Future State comics currently available on DCUI can be found here.

Due Date: July 24, 2021 July 31, 2021 – Extended to July 31!
Submit: Post your final work here.
Works-In-Progress should be shared in this thread. :+1:

Terms & Conditions: I understand that by participating in the DC Universe Community Forums that I am agreeing to the Fan Art Guidelines , which include not creating new storylines or characters, not soliciting for compensation or payment, and will follow the standards of the Community Guidelines .


I just watched Jim Lee do a Future State drawing on his stream. Interesting prompt, I will try to fit it into my week.

If you’re interested in the video of him drawing it. Check it out here: NEXT BATMAN! Jace Fox DC Comics Art Stream with Jim Lee...sketches for BINC Part 1 of 2 - YouTube


Thanks for the link. Jim Lee makes it look sooooo easy.




Thank you for sharing! This is awesome - always interesting to see the process behind such talent. :batparrot:


Y’all are very welcome!! I always learn so much from doing art studies of artists. When you can get a glimpse of how they actually do what they do, it makes it infinitely more easy to understand why they make the choices they do while drawing. How to compose a piece and what to do when things aren’t working out the way you plan them. Watching how they adjust on the fly is just astonishing.


Very cool thanks for posting. Watching the gauntlets come to life was very interesting. All those random shapes and then when he panned back it came together beautifully :open_mouth: Lee makes it looks so easy i never do shading lmao I should definitely practice more, gives the work more depth for sure. Also nice little shout out there from Mr. Lee :+1:


Let’s extend this challenge out another week. It will give us a chance to catch up on the July Summer Vacation challenge as well.

August is going to be an exciting month! There is a certain movie coming out August 6!!