DC Fan Art Club: Weekly Challenge #41, April 10 - 17

Gone! Gone! O Form of Man
Draw a picture for the DCFAC
Of the Demon, Etrigan!

Hi everyone! It’s ETRIGAN week!!!

I’d like this challenge to serve as a big thank you to @stefanie.m for coordinating the One Year Celebration thread from a few weeks back.

I understand that she’s a big fan of Etrigan, but I don’t know all the backstory. Care to share any details of what you like most about the character, Stef?

Etrigan has been portrayed in many styles over DC comics and animation.
He can go from cute to cartoony to spooky and even super-hero-y. Choose your favorite and let’s give Stef all the Etrigan her eyes can handle.

Etrigan 6 Etrigan1
Etrigan 5 Etrigan 4
Etrigan 2

Due Date: Saturday, April 17
I figure we can run these challenges from Saturday to Saturday so any weekend warriors can either get a head start or have last minute time to finish up.

Submit: Post your final work here. Works-in-progress should be shared in this thread. :+1:


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Haha I totally forgot this week was going the be ETRIGAN themed! :sweat_smile: (idk why autocorrect made that all caps but I approve) I just finished a movie night with my friend and introduced her to justice league dark, and some other favorite ETRIGAN moments! He’s truly the demon of the hour!


Hmm…to do something Mignola-inspired (I know he’s drawn Etrigan before, at least in Doom that Came to Gotham) or a weird and wacky 30’s cartoon Etrigan?


Etrigan is fun to draw.
Hell and demons is what I saw.
I need to make sure I do not put it off.
Why does autocorrect change Etrigan to Stroganoff?

Seriously he is fun to draw I drew him in a previous challenge I believe to do with negative space or shading maybe!


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :cry: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
No thanks are necessary but ill definitely take an Etrigan week!!!

Can do, hes an angsty mess (not respected in hell, family issues)

that got magic-fied to Blood by Merlin. I see him more as a hero as my first introduction to Etrigan was the JL series A Knight of Shadow. From then on ive tried to read/find all the bits with the duo, the demon hell is earth is great and Etrigan even makes an appearance in my new favorite squad the secret six.

I’m very excited/honored to see the dcfac take on this character! Ive also attached a few comic pictures as jkoco did for some inspiration.

Secret Six

Demon Hell is Earth

Detective Comics

Justice League/BTAS

Dw_12_-_Klarion_and_Etrigan Etrigan_and_Jason_Blood_merge

Justice league dark

And I’ll stop fangirling on this note


He sure has Cosmic Odyssey


Fantastic rhyming skills!! :grin: I remember this!! You did capture his menacing so well!


Omg one of my favorite movies, I really liked the portrayl of Etrigan and Blood. I feel like their bond has developed over the many many years that they actually care for one another as in the end of the movie :sob:


Never drew him before
But I’m ready to do so ever more. :+1:


Oh man how could i forget this one!

Is that from the tiny titans series? So cute.

And it looks like Ettie maybe my new favorite nickname that Jokers come up with lol sorry batsy

Ok now im done :sweat_smile: :joy:


I cry every time :sob: I love when they focus on their relationship and codependence even if they don’t quite realize how much they care for eachother :pleading_face::two_hearts:


I only got that far in your post and was already, “Yes, yes. I approve.”


It is his secret demon name that sends him back to hell.

Looks great! Your shading gets better and better. (Taking notes)


@stefanie.m Which incarnation of him is your favorite?


Really great light and shadow on this!


Thanks for sharing more pics and your history with the character

My first introduction was the Matt Wagner Demon mini-series from the 80s. I’m not sure if it still holds up, but at the time I thought it was great. It’s not on DCUI yet, but maybe one day.

This came out the same time as Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns.
Heck of a time to be reading monthly comics!


Yes! The Tiny Titans guys (Art Baltazar and Franco) opened up their first comics store ‘Aw Yeah Comics!’ not too far from me in Skokie IL (suburb of Chicago). Art always takes time to draw sketches for kids and my son has acquired a whole stack over the years when we see him at a con or Free Comic Book Day at the store.

The store is really great. Very family friendly with original art on the walls. In fact, the whole neighborhood has Aw Yeah art on fire hydrants, electrical boxes, etc. It’s a fun place to visit.



That is amazing! And sounds like a dope place! Very jealous! Especially that riddler hydrant.

Lol the tiny titans is in my to do list :joy: they’re all just so adorable!


He looks so tiny lol hopefully they’ll have it eventually id love to read it!!


Hardest question! While the animated show holds a special place in my heart I really love the demon hell is earth version.

And just because he’s all demon and hell fire doesn’t mean he can’t be adorable too