DC Fan Art Club: Weekly Challenge #27, Nov. 7-14

Hello, @DCFanArtClub! This week I’m providing you with a text challenge. That means you’re getting a phrase as a prompt — what you do with it is entirely up to you. Have fun!


Due: Nov. 14
Tools: Anything goes
Submit here: Submission thread

Your prompt: “It’s so easy to be wicked without knowing it, isn’t it?”

You can draw any character this brings to mind, illustrate a scene — whatever your imagination sparks.

PS: How did you guys feel about having the submission thread open immediately with our Superman challenge? Was it better than waiting until the end of the week? Do you still prefer posting in the General section more than posting in the Community section? Would greatly appreciate your thoughts. Thanks! :maple_leaf:

Terms & Conditions: I understand that by participating in the DC Universe Community Forums that I am agreeing to the Fan Art Guidelines , which include not creating new storylines or characters, not soliciting for compensation or payment, and will follow the standards of the Community Guidelines .


Interesting prompt. I’m up for the challenge :+1:


I like these kinds of prompts, since I have no idea where y’all will take them. :slight_smile:


Open immediately: For some reason it felt less pressured :thinking: and that was a good thing.

General or Community: The more the merrier for submissions and comments!! Everyone should get to enjoy the great artists in our club!!


Open early, especially because I have more time on the weekend to work on it, and agree with Rob it did feel less rushed. Same with the monthly challenge.

I love this what a fun idea!


Thank you for the feedback!

I’m wondering if clubs will have to quarantine club activity to the Community section once the forum goes global. On the plus side, having that many new people around might increase traffic to the community section. It’s going to be wild seeing how it all plays out!


Thank you for your two cents! Glad this format is working out. Originally, i was worried we would overtake the Fan Creations section if our members were constantly posting there throughout the week, but I didn’t see that happen with the Superman challenge. :+1:

Glad you like it! Moving forward, at the end of these text challenges, maybe I’ll share where the original quotes were from. :slight_smile:


ooooh guess the qoute challenge? :grin:


Something like that! :sweat_smile: Though people could google and cheat. Next time, I’m picking something from the DCU. This time around, though, it’s a quote from a kid’s book.


Having the submission already there was nice. Knew where it was when I was ready.
As for general I think it’s nice. Gets more people to see it might even get them to join.


Thanks! Good to know everyone seems on the same page so far!

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Having the submitions open early is great, helps me stay organized, I can bookmark it. :ok_hand:


Another good point! Thank you!

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I can’t speak to the whole open immediately deal, since the Superman challenge was the first I “participated” in. Apologies.

This prompt though, rubs chin I could do something with this…

After I finish my Superman drawing. So expect this piece in summer 2021. :wink:


I have an idea. I’ll have to see how it turns out and hey I’ve started working on it which is big for me, the procrastinator!


Can’t wait!