DC Fan Art Club: Weekly Challenge #20, August 1-8


@DCFanArtClub, here’s your new weekly! Please see the first reply below. I’d like to get your opinions on our future weeklies.


Due: Aug. 8, 2020
Tools: Illustration, photography, sculpture, paint, minecraft (added that last one for you, @Reaganfan78 :wink: )

How it works: How you depict him is up to you, but this week’s art should feature the too often underrated J’onn J’onzz !

Terms & Conditions: I understand that by participating in the DC Universe Community Forums that I am agreeing to the Fan Art Guidelines , which include not creating new storylines or characters, not soliciting for compensation or payment, and will follow the standards of the Community Guidelines .


Pollin’ all @DCFanArtClub members!

Moving forward, to keep the weekly challenges from being too overwhelming, how would everyone feel about the following?

Weekly Challenges: Begin creating these around characters, rather than a theme. How you tackle the challenge would be completely up to you, in terms of tools, style, etc.

Monthly Challenges: These are where we would flex our creativity. I’d draw heavily from your suggestions in our Ideas/Brainstorming Thread, which we could put up to vote.

  • Yay!
  • Nay!

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I’m not married to this idea, so I leave it entirely in your hands! I’m fine keeping the weeklies just as creative as the monthlies, if that’s what you prefer. I just don’t want our artists to feel burned out from the club. :fire:

Feel free to share your thoughts below, and thank you!


Not a bad idea but there are some characters that I’m not particularly interested in drawing and I do like the creativity of the weekly challenges/the freedom to choose who id like to draw.

On the other hand it might be good to push myself to draw characters I don’t really like :woman_shrugging: in a setting/theme I choose.

Also welcome back boss!!


@stefanie.m So glad to be back! :hugs:

And thank you for sharing your thoughts! I agree with both your pros and cons.

But I’m good either way, so I’m going to quietly sit back and see how it plays out. :eyes:


For weekly’s instead of a character I’d say you could do It based on a group (JLD, JLI, watchmen characters, Superman rogue gallery, etc.) to pick a character from or even something as simple as a one word random prompt. Coming up with weekly’s is a lot to ask.
Randomly assign people to come up the Weekly (must be approved) for folks that want to be involved?


Group’s not too bad of an idea, but I think I’d run out (there are only so many out there).

One-word prompt is a possibility~

I’d like to continue using the Ideas thread for that. Assigning people can wind up being more work if the volunteer winds up needing help with setup and such. :slight_smile:


Whatever’s easiest. I trust you. I mean you posted this right before my lunch break so I’ve got time to respond immediately. Impressive leadership.

A fun challenge may be to get some of the fan fic writers to write something like a poem as a prompt? Then draw a scene? That feels more like a monthly.


I really love that idea!

Has anyone happened to see anything involving “the purge” that was supposed to take place on July 20? With all of the TOS-violating fic/art content being removed?

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I’m now working on Martian the Manhunter, I hope to get it done by tonight. :slightly_smiling_face:


I haven’t personally seen the purge but I also don’t know if I violated anything. Maybe I’m just sneaky


You just might be the fan art club’s resident ninja



I was never here


In all honesty, I took kind of a bit of a break from this app in general. I think I just felt burnt out on it or something, so having a change in the way we do some things may help. The character specific idea sounds great to me, as again, it’ll hopefully help me to get something more “fresh” each week and also help me to expand my own arsenal of characters.

P.S., @CynicalPink I didn’t even realize until recently you were away. So I’m glad to see you are back and hopefully healthy again. Best wishes!

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Hello @Cynicalpink, Thankyou so much for adding minecraft as art, I’ve been wanting to do Martian the Manhunter for a while, glad I’ve waited til now. Here’s Martian The Manhunter Minecraft, hope you guys like it!:smiley:


Love it and we get a bonus of flash and I think riddler in the back? His shoes are so cute.


Yes i like this idea, I believe we had a challenge were we all choose a word based on the prompt before it. Really enjoyed that challenge. And I wouldn’t have to draw supes :astonished:


Thankyou so much, and yes that’s The Riddler in the back behind The Flash.:slightly_smiling_face:


We also did this for Inktober last year, but that was before the club was officially created.

So far, the poll is in favor of basing the weeklies on specific characters. I could always add an optional “creative bonus,” if that helps. E.g. The theme of the week is Batgirl, with a bonus of “drawn doing her dayjob” or “created with watercolors,” etc.

I’m trying to find that happy middle ground where people aren’t bored/turned off, but also not overwhelmed. :disappointed_relieved: As things stand, sometimes the weeklies seem to be good at inspiring creativity, but one week is not enough time to complete them.

This reply isn’t solely aimed at you, btw. :sweat_smile: You’re just around and good at giving me feedback, so you’re the victim.


He came out awesome, Reagan!

When I finish mine, I’m going to post in this thread, too. The posts in Fan Creations are good for exposure, but personally, I liked it when everyone posted their artwork in the club thread.

Seeing everyone drop their work in throughout the week always inspired me to put my own butt in gear and get things done.


Thankyou so much @Cynicalpink! :smiley:

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