DC Fan Art Club: Week 24 Submissions: Mera

For the week of Sept. 5-12, the @DCFanArtClub tackled a character challenge — Mera, in all her queenly variations! Even if you’re not a member of the club, feel free to submit or comment below :trident:

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boo grodd, i was so close :laughing:


He’s a speedster!


I went with Mera as she’s depicted in the Justice League animated series:


Love this, are the inks metallic?
I always liked her costume in this, it felt like a mix between goddess queen and warrior


Thanks! Yes, the silver and gold paint markers are metallic! Yeah, her costume in JL has a very “goddess” vibe. :blush:


Decided to base my Mera off the DCAMU movies.
Made a happy Hello Mera. Enjoy


@NYJt3 Like I said on the other thread, this is so adorable and lighthearted - which is nice because we don’t get to see this side of Mera often! The colors are lovely too.


Yeah I enjoyed working with bright colors.


I think it’s weird when they make women wear crowns so I tried making her’s into headphones. It didn’t really come out as planned, but the water umbrella could have gone worse.


I was worried seeing Mera as the subject as I feel I have trouble drawing the female characters more especially making sure the faces still look feminine but fierce. But you know me I will not back down from a challenge and based mine off the movies. I also tried to capture the costume which is difficult. Between my Aquaman from some weeks back and this one they sure have to make it hard with scaling.


I never thought about the fact that they usually animate female royalty with the headgear and not the men! That’s interesting. Well, I love this, it’s such a groovy reimagining of the character - well done!


Wow! You captured the subtle details of the costume perfectly, and I can imagine that was difficult to accomplish in pencil! I love the added element of the sea creatures - also so well drawn. Great job!


My first time drawing Mera. I went looking for reference material and took my inspiration from this.

pencils …

and a SPLASH of color.


That looks awesome™:+1: like this take on it.


Preview slideshow now added!

@Hyperia90 I loved that design! Like cici said, it was such a nice blend of oceanic royalty and warrior. The metallic inks must be so beautiful on the actual piece! I wish we could see the shine with the belt and accents.

@NYJt3 I’m so used to all of heroes looking serious that I love seeing them in happier moments! Really nice work on Mera, and capturing the motion of the water with the detailing of her hair, but I love the colorful and detailed background most. Mera > Ariel. :smiley:

@_UnderScore I really like the overall style of this. It’s the kind of art print I’d buy. Awesome work with light and shadow, and so true about the headgear!

@ImpulseMaxMercury After seeing how well you did with Stargirl, I’m surprised you worry about working on drawings of female characters :open_mouth: She looks determined and self-possessed, and the detailing on her costume is amazing. Even in pencil, it gives a sense of the texture and reflective quality of her costume from the movie. (Her underwater friends are also really cute, haha. You make me think I should do an animal character challenge next).

@Goldk Lovely reproduction! I’m still wow’d by the effort put into her hair. It gives so much energy to your artwork. I also like how you played with her attack to give it an original spin. It looks like a whirlpool in the making.


I totally posted in the old thread, LOL!




Sorry for the delay! Slideshow has been updated, and amazing work with the ferocity of that water! I also like how you changed the strength of your lines to suggest we’re viewing her through it.


Better late than never?

And have any of my fellow traditional artists noticed their colors have been desaturated lately when uploading? :thinking: