DC Fan Art Club: Week 23 Submissions: 'Element-ary'

Wow, I love this!! The colors are so vibrant and clean. :100:


Oh my gosh, I love that you tackled every element!! They are all done so well, but Red is definitely my favorite. :blush:


This is awesome!! Her hands and the flames create such graceful shapes, and I love how she transcends the bordering, which is evocative of the untamable nature of her signature element! Gorgeous!


Volcana! First time trying out acrylic paint markers.


oh wow shes gorgeous. The movement with her hair is great and the colors. :clap: and her pose. But also those boots.

Never would have guessed. Were they difficult to work with?


@stefanie.m Thanks!! Since I only had the one tip width it was a bit hard to get clean edges and smooth surfaces, so I’m definitely going to have to invest in a bigger variety of markers.


That looks awesome™️ Wouldn’t have guessed first time.


@NYJt3 Thanks!!


Thanks, @stefanie.m! I’m definitely trying to work on my flames and other elemental visuals. OMG, I love that episode lol! Yeah, work has been kickin my butt—hopefully I can participate in some more challenges.

Thank you, @NYJt3!

Thanks so much, @Hyperia90! I’m glad you enjoyed the “elements” of this piece :grin:


OK. I broke out the sketchbook and pencil…!



Well done mate, I would never attempt such an angle but your skills are amazing! Nice touch with spit coming out his mouth too. Good movement and intense face. :muscle:


NICE! Per degatton and Cyclone are equal when it comes to underratedness


Amazing job! Definitely like his reaching out!


Oh WOW! This is fantastic IMM, Great Job! You killed it with the shading for the hair and ice facets for his skin.


@TheRealDetectiveChimp, Beautiful job with the colors! was that done with markers or watercolor? Also love the mellow :laughing:

@ImpulseMaxMercury, Cold and Heat Wave’s facial expression are so good! :laughing:

@stefanie.m is this the same guy from the SS movie? Never read one with him in it or this comic. Looks Awesome, Great Job! and love it when we get to see the process. Also, Hell Yeah!

@NYJt3, Oh I love this, the colors are so good here and always love when the line work is done with the colors! I don’t think I’ve seen any of your work on here before :thinking: Could you let me know what other challenges you’ve done please?

@EasternShoreSpeedster, look at you going after my heart! :joy: I was gonna do Fire myself if I’d gotten to this one, still might just because I love the character. JLU played a big part in that. This looks absolutely Amazing! Great job with shading and hair!

@bgrimm0461.71770, WOW, this is cover worthy Great job! :metal:

@Hyperia90, Great Job and would never have guessed this was your first go with the markers! Love the Hair, shading with the paints, the green background and the texture overall with this piece! Bravo!

@Goldk, Very Awesome! Love the dynamic poses and great job with the perspective. :flexmentallo_dp:


Thanks. This was my first one.


I believe so i didn’t read the comic its on my to do list, the cover was pretty sweet and I wanted to do him anyway so it was perfect. Thanks for the kind words!



Well it’s a terrific first entry!


Hi, everyone! Updated our preview gif with the newest entries!

@ImpulseMaxMercury I’m sorry you couldn’t do your group image, but this came out gorgeous. I feel like I’m saying it every week, but I think it’s your best yet. Your work is veering more and more to realism, which is not easy to accomplish (especially when drawing someone with “skin” as reflective as Icicle). Truly amazing work!

Part II: :rofl: I feel mean for grinning at that. That’d be a total sibling move. Ty for the double entry!

@TheRealDetectiveChimp Love your colors and the details on the flames! I can tell the colors popped even more off screen.

@stefanie.m His character was one of the things I actually really loved about the first Suicide Squad movie! Your colors are amazingly rich, and this is a kicka$$ redraw. You maybe already answered this in the comments, but what did you color with?

Part II: Another double entry. And Kite-Man! :joy: I never thought of him for this challenge and am SO happy you did.

@NYJt3 Once again, so happy you joined us for this challenge! You went so ambitious, too, going for a group shot. This came out absolutely awesome. Still loving Terra and also Az’s sword. Such a powerful entry for your first club submission! Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got coming.

@EasternShoreSpeedster I know next to nothing about Fire, but I’ve always loved her design when I see her pop up in things. You captured such a wild and playful energy, here. And the details of her makeup and waist chain are such pretty touches! So nice to see you around again!

@bgrimm0461.71770 For sure! Tempest would have been a great addition.

@Hyperia90 Beautiful composition! I can’t believe that’s your first time working with acrylic paint markers! Looks like you took to them like a natural. Love the sheen to her leggings, and the delicate shading. That had to be difficult with that media! :dizzy_face:

@Goldk This is so sharp! So jealous of how well you handle the ripple and folds of her hair and clothing. Make a tutorial sometime. :wink:


Copic markers and then went over it with a white colored pencil. Thanks boss it was a fun challenge :+1: