DC Fan Art Club: Week 22 Submissions: 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

@Hyperia90 very booster gold and like how the one cheer leader is less than impressed. Well done with the colored pencils you brought alot of dimension to the characters and shading as well :muscle:

@ImpulseMaxMercury his expression is priceless (and groot would fit right in) and the pose too. Always a pleasure seeing your work every week!

@Goldk love that you gave us an entire story with such lovely details. Is he wearing a bow tie? Adorable.

@_UnderScore on point and CC is rocking those skinny jeans. For some reason Brittany Spears popped into my head :woman_shrugging:

@CynicalPink nice ice pun :yum:


@stefanie.m Yes, he is wearing a bow tie. I figure that Perry gives Jimmy such a hard time because he sees himself in him.
@ImpulseMaxMercury Thanks, I would love a second career as a writer. That would be awesome! When I get into something like this I have to flesh it out. Even if it’s just for me.


These are all so fun! We should totally do this challenge again, these so many characters I didn’t expect to see :slight_smile:


I agree, everyone did such a bang up job. I wasn’t able to do this challenge, I was dealing with a bad staph infection. I wasn’t able to much of anything most of the week. As it is I am way behind on the monthly challenge.


@Hyperia90 awesome! Booster needs more love and Representation!


I have never seen Batman in his teen years, he was burning with vengeance since he was like 8, but all the movies/comics start with him in his 20’s at the least. So I had a thought about him testing things out, and it not going so well…


That is one expressive face. :slight_smile:


Ummmm beyond adorable. His face is hilarious the whole concept is fabulous well done.

(Also is this your first time posting in the art club? What a killer piece to enter with! :muscle:)


one more lol, just thought about whom would aqua-teen talk to about his day to day life?


Hope you’re on the path to recovery!


Bats reminds me of when I had a kitten that ran up a tree and couldn’t quite figure out how to get back down, and Aqua-teen made me laugh out loud :joy: Your work is so expressive! Glad you decided to jump in and join us for this challenge!


We definitely can. :slight_smile: This last week seemed tough on people, what with Fandome and the last-minute hustle to get the monthly challenge completed.


Thanks! This is actually my 2nd piece, but 1st challenge. Between work and home, I don’t get to sketch a lot.


@stefanie.m Aw! He looks adorable very strong and fierce. I love that this is set in a gym (the gym equipment is very nicely drawn). Great work!

@Hyperia90 This is so good! Great job on the coloring, and I especially like the poses and the facial expressions. (And yay for the Skeets cameo!)

@ImpulseMaxMercury :joy: this piece radiates “teenager” and I love it! And this Beebo compared to your past Beebos shows great improvement!! Well done!!

@Goldk Once again, I’m blown away by your creative ingenuity!! Not only is the composition, coloring, and dialogue comic-worthy, but the thought behind this artwork is incredible!!

@_UnderScore I love Captain Cold’s attire! Pair his “cool” clothes with his boom box and Captain Cold is the epitome of “cool guy” - awesome work!

@niamton :rofl: I love the thought of Batman getting tangled up in his own grappling gear and having to call for Alfred. I especially love his distraught expression. Your other piece is just as awesome! The concept of Aqua-teen telling fish about his daily life is just too good!!! (And I absolutely love the perspective of the piece as well as the fish’s expressions)


Sorry if this comes late. It’s been a busy week. You said that you would like teen characters it never got represented as teen characters, so here are Vixen, Detective Chimp, Blue Devil, Nightshade, and The Creeper.

Hope y’all dig it!


Making the Creeper’s boa a towel is next level smart.


Thread’s thumbnail has been updated! And this is so much fun! I don’t know all of the characters, but I’m getting nostalgia for Vixen’s wardrobe. Thank you for joining in!

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@ImpulseMaxMercury Thank you! Yes - Booster was the star QB of his high school and college football teams before illegal betting derailed his career. Half the fun of this challenge was the research into Booster’s background!


@stefanie.m Thank you!! Haha, yes, I figured wherever Boosters goes at least one person is giving him side-eye. :joy:


@jdaego55.10147 Thank you!! Yes, I agree, he needs more love! :heart: