DC Fan Art Club: "Out of Context Chaos" Submissions (Weekly Challenge #18, July 18-25)

@DCFanArtClub - If you participated in the week 18 challenge, now’s the time to show it off!

This week’s prompt was:


For this one, artists were challenged to pick a single line of text or dialogue from a comic and create original (and possibly very unrelated) art for it. If you can, share a photo of where you got your original text from alongside your art!


@CynicalPink I had gotten on a Batman kick lately so I have been rereading Knightfall, the storyline that got me into the character. I came across a panel and figured what animal has no spine? A jellyfish of course. Going obscure with the giant jellyfish from Aquaman Vol 3 number 1. I am including the panel with the original words and the new drawing.
PS Aquaman’s scales are a pain to draw but I love a challenge!


Wow! I never expect as much hard work with the weekly challenges, and yet you blew this one out of the water (no pun)! I feel squicky just looking at the jellyfish; I can imagine the squishiness and sting of those tentacles, thanks to the work you put into them. And your detailing on Aquaman is great, too! I think your work with shadows and faces has been improving!


I love the pun


Harley saying that line felt ironic, since it was in an alley also. When I read it, I then knew what I was going to draw.


Fantastic detail @ImpulseMaxMercury! Dude you get better and better! Those scales do look like a chore, but you did a great job on them. Also, I love how punny it is, LMAO!


Love this especially the persecptive of the alley, the lumpy trash bag and car in the background. The one color also gives it so much definition/depth. I like that you went dark with this as well. :muscle:

that’s partially why I didnt do the challenge…I thought it was supposed to be campy and mine did not turn out like that lol


Agreed everytime you post your art just keeps improving :clap: those scales do look especially tedious but it looks very well done. Shading is great along with his muscle definition!!


That is a brilliant, dark twist on the dialogue! I love it! And seconding stef — really love the drama you add with the light and shadow. The little textures on the wall, the trash can and bags, all impressive ways to keep such a crisp drawing fun to gaze at for a while!


@stefanie.m - Thank you so much for the kind words!! I tried to go campy and didn’t like what I had done, and also didn’t like the dialogue I chose. I lucked up on this while reading and inspiration struck. I am so happy you appreciated the little things in the whole and the perspective work I did for it, it was crucial to the piece so it made since.

@CynicalPink - Welcome back!(Don’t think I officially said that yet.) Thank you for the high praise! You and Stef really nailed the thoughts I was trying to convey, which really means a lot to me. I was trying for a “moving from light to dark”/“Happy times to unhappy times” theme. I wanted the shadow to almost look like a mouth about to swallow them up whole.

Thank you both again so much. I am hyped up now to work on the DC@Home submission and give it my all!

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These are so cool! I couldn’t even think of anything! :frowning:

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Ok since others (rob) went dark, i decided to post mine as well :upside_down_face:

Panel from Adventures of the super sons :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Cant wait to see what ya whip up!!

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Is is bad that I giggled a little at it? Dark humor is my fave, right after puns/dad jokes. The use of color was perfect here. Nicely done @stefanie.m!

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