DC Fan Art Club: Monthly Challenge, March 2020

Hello, DCFanArtClub ! As this is our first Monthly Challenge, I’m gonna bore y’all with 2 quick but important notes.

Read me first!

  1. Like the weekly challenge: ALL skill levels and media are accepted.

  2. Unlike the weekly challenge: Art submitted to the monthly challenge should be polished and involve more effort (that’s why you’ve got 30 days for it!). That said, this is for fun, and there’s no rule for what’s considered “polished.” Just use your best judgment. Ultimately, it’s meant to be a way of challenging yourself – so you do you.

Don’t forget, if you need help bringing your vision to life: REFERENCE SOS

Now, moving on to what you actually care about…


If you haven’t yet heard, this month DC celebrates the 80th anniversary of Robin! Clubs across the community are highlighting the Boy (and Girl) Wonders, and now’s your chance to honor your favorite of the bunch (unless someone beats you to it).

Below you’ll find a fairly extensive (but not exhaustive) list of those who have donned the costume and/or title through the years. Sadly, some Robins did not make the cut (b/c I’m far behind in comics and was afraid of running into spoilers), but if there’s a Robin you want to draw that’s NOT on this list, just stake your claim in the comments.

Due: March 31, 2020
Tools: Your choice (draw, paint, customize figures, sculpt - anything goes)

How it works:

In the comments, name which Robin you’d like to claim. I’ll keep updating this post throughout the month to reflect which Robins are no longer available. You can submit your art any time this March.


  • Wherever possible, I provided links to comics in the DCU library for guidance. If there isn’t a link below, I promise you can find images on Google.

  • These links are only meant to serve as guides; they do NOT have to influence what you draw.

  • For example, Damian’s costume has been updated throughout the years. I shared a link to his first uniform, but you can have him wearing any version you want.

  • Although this is technically Master Grayson’s 80th, our challenge is 100% Robin-themed. That means lots of winged booties and hot pants, but no Nightwings, Red Hoods, etc!


  1. Dick Grayson - Original Robin | CLAIMED: ImpulseMaxMercury | FINISHED

  2. Dick Grayson - Earth-2 (JLA #55) | Alternate Costume (JLA #92) CLAIMED: biff_pow | FINISHED | HE MADE ANOTHER ONE!

  3. Dick Grayson (Vampire) - Earth-43, Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Red Rain CLAIMED: Nightroia | FINISHED

  4. Jason Todd - Batman #368 CLAIMED: Jay_Kay | FINISHED

  5. Jason Todd - Red Robin, Countdown to Final Crisis, #14 CLAIMED: chongoboy1014.74577 | FINISHED

  6. Tim Drake - Robin 1993 CLAIMED: BatJamags

  7. Tim Drake - Red Robin CLAIMED: wonderlyn | FINISHED

  8. Stephanie Brown - Robin #126 CLAIMED: serenap95 | FINISHED

  9. Damian Wayne - Batman #657 CLAIMED: stefanie.murr7 | FINISHED

  10. Carrie Kellie - The Dark Knight Returns CLAIMED: EasternShoreSpeedster | FINISHED

  11. Barbara Gordon - Batgirl + Batman: Thrillkiller '62 CLAIMED: gilbertsanchez2.31878 | FINISHED

  12. Alfred Pennyworth - Batman: Dark Allegiances CLAIMED: UnLagunas

  13. Bruce Wayne - Detective Comics, #226 | Batman Annual Vol. 1, #2

  14. Bruce Wayne Jr - Batman #131 | JLA #8

  15. Helena Wayne - Worlds Finest #0 CLAIMED: NovellPaladin

  16. Rochelle Wayne - Batman: Reign of Terror CLAIMED: @emmgregson.12517 | FINISHED

  17. Thomas Wayne - Robin 3000

  18. Matt McGinnis - Batman Beyond, #1 CLAIMED: Broken-Knight | FINISHED

  19. Duke Thomas - Mother Panic: Gotham A.D. #6

  20. Duke Thomas - Detective Comics #983 CLAIMED: RedDeath_Earth13 | FINISHED

  21. Earth 40 Robin - JSA: The Liberty Files #2

  22. Richart Graustark Thrillkiller CLAIMED: @drewdavidyowaiski.38225

  23. Earth 6 Robin - Stan Lee’s Just Imagine

  24. Bizarro Robin - Action Comics 857 CLAIMED: AnonymousHQ | FINISHED

  25. Robin Olsen - Lord Havok and the Extremists #3

  26. Tengu - Robin Annual #3 CLAIMED: CynicalPink | FINISHED

  27. Robin Redblade - Detective Comics Annual #7 CLAIMED: Poennichi | FINISHED

  28. Robert Chang - Batman: Digital Justice

  29. Marya - Batman: I, Joker

  30. Redbird - The Blue, The Gray and the Bat CLAIMED: RedWing7

  31. Tris Plover - Robin Annual #5 CLAIMED: hilly

  32. John Grayson - Earth 2 Society #22

  33. Duke Thomas - We Are Robin CLAIMED: Batwing52

  34. Daxton Chill - We Are Robin CLAIMED: cici | FINISHED

  35. Dre Cipriani - We Are Robin CLAIMED: cici | FINISHED

  36. Isabella Ortiz - We Are Robin CLAIMED: cici | FINISHED

  37. Riko Sheridan - We Are Robin CLAIMED: DudeBroTray | FINISHED

  38. Troy Walker - We Are Robin CLAIMED: RedDeath_Earth13 | FINISHED

  39. Rodney - Dark Knight Dynasty (Dark Future)

  40. Robbie - Krypto the Superdog CLAIMED: thelunarmouse | FINISHED

  41. Boyd - Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #14 CLAIMED: DrewWorldOrder | FINISHED

  42. Toy Wonder - Robin One Million CLAIMED: WonderWoman_85 | FINISHED

  43. Robinbot - New Super-Man #9 CLAIMED: @Viciousdark & @loganmichaelphilips | FINISHED

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Well, in accordance with my selections for World of Bats this month, I think I’ll scoop up Tim '93.


He’s yours!


I’ll take Carrie Kellie


I’ll pick Tim Drake as Red Robin


deleted comment because i’m a dope lol

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I’ll pick Dick Grayson original Robin

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I’ll go with Stephanie Brown.

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Damian Wayne!


I’ll go with Jason Todd.


doin okay, buddy?

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Could I snag Matt McGinnis?


I’ll take Red Rain Dick Grayson.


Lol yeah I just had a dumb question that I solved for myself!

Now I want to go Bizarro Robin, but that’s just what I’d EXPECT me to do, so I wish to claim


Unless someone else wants it really bad

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Bizzaro robin!


Alex, I’ll take the Jason Todd Red Robin for 500 please



awesome of you to challenge yourself!

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I’d like Robin Redblade, please! I was going to pick Alfred but I could only find an upper body design for him, so I’ll challenge myself with pirates!! :smiley:


Welcome, @Poennichi! Pirate Robin is yours!

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