DC Fan Art Club: Monthly Challenge, August 2020

:rofl: I’m going to be REALLY disappointed if this doesn’t happen.

Has anyone started theirs? I’m almost certain I want to do this one (mostly because I want to play with mixed media).

But I can’t decide which characters to use. Thinking Clark and Lois (with a red theme instead of gold) or Swamp Thing and Abby (with green).


I have, it is going to be a masterpiece


What painting are you going with? Or is it a surprise?

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Anyone need ideas?

  1. Starry Dark Knight

with Scarecrow as the old man
3. The Son of Man with Mr nobody
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I already told you Mona Lisa

You have way too much faith in my memory.


it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything, I luckily got this one finished early!!!
This is the Sistine chapel, repainted with booster gold as Adam , and booster gold as god. I definitely think with his time sphere, he would have gone back in time, just for Michelangelo To put him as all of the people in his paintings​:joy:


Lol! I love the whole concept, but somehow the starry trunks make it all the better. :joy: This is beautifully done, as always! Really love how you gave the digital inks such an oil-paint look!


Still have to add some details and work on right hand, but its about ready to be painted ( I swear the left eye and nose don’t look that bad, pencil lines just aren’t showing up in pic to well). Will be my second attempt at painting something so hopefully I won’t ruin it :joy:

It’s my take on William Blake’s Angel of Revelation.


Ooh I love this so far! I’ve never seen this painting before but it’s a great fit :clap:


Dont forget to boast about how huge it is! This is gonna be epic :joy: I hope you finish on time!


Thanks, can’t wait to see what you did. I already redid his entire face LOL. It’s weird, for me I can see imperfections much easier in a photo than looking the actual piece. Not sure what’s up with that :thinking:

William Blake is one of my favorites, you should give him a google. Most people know that one he did “The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun”, it’s from a series of paintings he did but most probably know it from the Red Dragon movie.


Oh yeah! It’s 23 x 30!

I was gonna put this guy in at the top but don’t think it will look right with 2 different light sources. IDK.
It was Blake’s favorite one to paint.


Ooh okay I’ll have to look this up!
Sadly I’m gonna have to skip this month, I have other stuffs I have to draw. :pleading_face:

Ah yeah! Taking a photo of your art is a great way to get “fresh eyes” on it. Doesn’t matter if it’s digital or traditional I do that Everytime and you’ll see things stick out at you that you would have missed otherwise. Same goes with flipping the canvas or looking at your drawing in a mirror.


No monthly :frowning_face:

Okay, glad that it’s not just me then. Yeah the mirror image is great for making sure symmetry is good.


I tooled around with some Banksy inspiration.


that’s brilliant and makes me feel kinda sad… so cheers on making something that’s not just nice to look at, but emphatic. Really love it.

I apologize for not having the main thread up yet. I’ll do my best to get it up during my lunch break.


Thanks for the kindness. I hope your lunch is delicious.