DC Fan Art Club: May 2023 Spotlight - Batman/Joker: Deadly Duo, Hawkworld and The Omega Men

Hi @DCFanArtClub! It’s May and that brings warmer weather, Free Comic Book Day and three brand new topics to inspire your art!

First things first, I’ve been terrible about welcoming new folks to the group. So let’s go all the way back to the beginning of 2023 and say hello to our new members @gwg , @CKComics , @m1kuluvrr , @Ethan_Thorn and @F1enthusiast ! Very happy to have you here!

Our three topics this month:

  1. New to DCUI - Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo

  2. Classic DC Family - Hawkman/Hawkgirl/Hawkworld

  3. From the Archives - The Omega Men

Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo is a Black Label miniseries (6 issues available here on the Ultra tier) which features a Batman and Joker TEAM UP written and drawn by Mark Silvestri!

Marc is an industry legend and founder of Top Cow Studios and Image Comics. This is his first work (especially 7 full issues) in a very, very long time.

Check out the beautiful art and try your hand at your own Batman/Joker team up scene (or brawl if you prefer)!

The Hawks have been through many different incarnations over the years. So much so that reincarnation became part of their lore. You have many different time periods to choose your favorite Hawk-person from.

There are the golden-age classics, the 1989 Hawkworld series by Tim Truman (which really put a different spin on things), Hawkgirl from 2006 (by legends Walt Simonson and Howard Chaykin), Geoff Johns’ Hawkman or the most recent series that started with Bryan Hitch on art duties.

Depending on your history, you may know The Omega Men from way back in the 80s or just from the 2015 series written by Tom King. Or maybe you’ve never heard of them at all!

The characters first appeared in Green Lantern in 1981 and the original series may be most known for the first appearance of Lobo! Over the years, there have been many members, deaths and resurrections. They were reborn with the ‘New 52’ and then reimagined again with the ‘DC You’ revamp of 2015.

I’m really only familiar with the 2015 version so let me at least run down their members.

Top row we have Primus, Kalista and DOC.
Bottom row is Tigorr, Broot and Scrapps.
Also, Kyle Rayner was a big part of the 2015 series.

I know this one is pretty deep in the archives, but Tigorr has cool look and DOC uses those two eye screens to show emoticons and pics as part of his communication! Seems like it should be fun to draw,

Post your thoughts and work in the thread below and thanks for being a part of the art club here at DC Universe Infinite!

Due Date: May 31, 2023

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This is a great bunch.


Awesome™:+1:. Haven’t made new bat art in while. And always wanted to draw the hawks. Omega men a nice too.


Thank you


I have been loving Batman and Joker! Let’s go!! :fire:


Isn’t it amazing to have 7 issues of new Silvestri work with all of the issues coming out on time! So refreshing!!


LOL! IKR! You’ll never meet a nicer guy though. He is a big guy too! I am 6’3” and he made me feel short. He has to be around 6’6” or so.


Continuing with my striving for improvement, I decided to try drawing Hawkgirl to better myself at the female form. I drew her soaring upward but ready for battle with a sword in one hand and the mace in the other.


Really nice looking mace!

I know the helmet, wings and weapons will make the Hawks a challenge and you captured it all here!


Drawing of Hawkgirl I completed today. I was inspired by her costume from the 80s with a little bit of Justice League Unlimited. Had a lot of fun working with these colors. :slight_smile:


Really love the shading on this!


Hi @sarahmariesapphire and welcome to the art club!

Your Hawkgirl looks great! Really like how you drew the mask and the effect you created with the colors.
Did you do all of that with just markers?


Absolutely LOVE your Hawkgirl pieces @ImpulseMaxMercury and @sarahmariesapphire!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Thank you! and yes, I love to use markers, sharpies, and fine line pens for my art.


I’m always afraid I’d make a mistake with permanent tools like markers so I’m impressed with your art and your choice of medium! Great job and the colors really make it pop!


Thanks! I was most worried about the mace (not the wings surprisingly) but I had to include it as I associate that as the weapon of choice.


Thanks! I enjoy shading on my drawings and feel most comfortable with that.


Very nice dynamic posing! I am not much with colors myself, but I can definitely appreciate these! Great work!


It is hard to get Hawkgirl just right and not too muscular. I think you struck a nice balance here. Great job!


I started with the Omega Men this month and tried my hand at Tigorr. I haven’t drawn many tiger people before and kept on making his head wider and wider until it looked right.

Maybe could use more fur and fangs, but I like how this ended up.

Also, drawing only 3 fingers per hand sure is weird!