DC Fan Art Club: June, 2024 - Pied Piper, Halo, Going to The Met

Hi @DCFanArtClub! It’s June and that means it’s also DC Pride month!

For the last several years, DC has released a DC Pride super-sized special celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community. The 2024 version is available on DCUI right here!

We try to carry that theme into the DC Fan Art Club and this year we will spotlight a character with a very long history, one relatively new version of a character and one technical challenge (which hopefully doesn’t drive anyone too crazy).

First up we have Hartley Rathaway – The Pied Piper!

This guy was created all the way back in 1959 and first appeared in the Flash #106. He started off as a foe of the Flash (Barry Allen), eventually joined the Rogues and then, as DC started rebooting the universe, his character started to evolve.

When Wally West took over as the Flash in the 80s, the Pied Piper became an ally and soon a valuable member of the Flash family.

During the 60s - 80s, his look remained mostly the same. We was rocking the green hat, polka dots and pointy boots!

1960’s Pied Piper

Reintroduction in the 1980s.

In 1991 (still with the polka dots), the Pied Piper comes out as gay in The Flash #53. It’s quite the 90s conversation as the two wonder if the Joker is gay (really, check it out).

When we get to the 2000s, he got a brand new look and his powers became connected to the Anti-Life Equation!

Piper 2002
2002 Pied Piper

His latest appearance is part of a pin up in the 2024 DC Pride special.
Pick your favorite version and see what you can come up with!
Piper 2024

Next up, from Young Justice, is Halo!

Halo ref 1

Introduced in season three of the animated series, Halo is the deceased body of Gabrielle Daou (a Quraci refugee) merged with the spirit of a dissected Mother Box. We may need our residendt YJ expert @the_Rubber_Bandit to help fill in some details here.

Halo eventually identifies as non-binary and takes the name Violet Harper. Their character arc continues all the way through the fourth season of Young Justice.
Halo ref 2

Halo’s powers are related to aura generation with each one manifesting as a separate color. They started out only being able to use one at a time, but soon was able to harness all at once (with a pretty awesome visual effect as shown below).

Halo all auras

By the way, this version of Halo is a reimagining of the 1980s version that appeared in Batman and the Outsiders. She ended up with a super-complicated history, but always had a pretty fantastic costume.

Maybe we’ll bring her back later.

Lastly, we have a technical challenge. The idea came up last month of drawing your favorite characters in something other than their costumes. I figure let’s go big and draw them as if they were attending the Met Gala.

The Met Gala is an annual fundraising event typically held in May for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. It has celebrities attending in the most fabulous and fantastic (or outlandish and ridiculous, depending on your perspective) outfits imaginable.

Here are a few samples that range from elegant to bizarre (yup, even the guys).

I can just imagine Harley and Ivy having the best time here! Or Damian Wayne being completely horrified! Have some fun using an actual outfit or design your own!

Post your thoughts and work in the thread below and thanks for being a part of the art club here at DC Universe Infinite!

Due Date: June 30, 2024

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Screenshot 2024-05-31 214641


Haven’t drawn piper in a while so that’s sounds fun and haven’t drawn Halo before. Also cool. And the fancy outfit is interesting. So many options to think about with that one. :thinking:


Oh, you’ve drawn Piper before? Was it part of a challenge here?


Yeah it was my first pride challenge here. With this old piece was a fun one.

Always a bit blurry. Here’s the zoom in


I remember this one now! Lots of fantastic work!


What happened to Halo? I was watching Young Justice then I saw Superman choke in space and I got scared and turned it off and never watched it again. She still kicking?


Halo and Superman are doing wonderful things. You have to finish season 3, binge season 4, and then watch the whole thing all over again! #keepbingingyj
Why isn’t that a real tag?
Anyways, I will mention that within YJ, Halo’s preferred pronouns are they/them as of S4 E14 (credit scene with Harper and the foot tapping)
#keepbingingyj :smile:


Oh, my apologies. I have updated the top post. :+1:


i had forgotten june is pride month when i noticed the emphasis of Halo’s identity, subtle recommendation this year.
(i read the op from the bottom to the top, so i missed i read Holo’s part first)


For Halo I made a fun color changing emote.
Haven’t made a gif in a while so wanted to make one. Like how it came out. The face practice is paying off.


And made a Nonbinary variant for pride.



Outstanding! :metal::metal::metal:


Thanks :+1:


Here’s Pied Piper

Wanted to do a silhouette cover kind of thing with it. Like how it came overall. Think the silhouette came out a bit more cape and cloak than I was going but still like it. Really like how the background came out and the tiny flash there too.


here is my piper, feeling fabulous leading his army


@NYJt3 Both of these are brilliant ideas, and so well executed. Beautiful job on Halo’s face, and I love the animation! Great idea with both the classic Halo spectrum colors and the NB colors. The Pied Piper silhouette is really cool, and I love the tiny Flash. Is the sheet music a specific song or just arbitrary notes? (The steady baseline could be many tunes, but you only exposed one guitar chord and a few notes… My brain is trying to make it DMC’ Peter Piper, but I think I’m stretching reality.)

@russnorth.72987 That is amazing work! Do much awesome detail! Very well done!!


Very awesome™:+1:
Great details and nice posing with piper. Cool idea with him leading the rats.



For the song Flash Gordon theme song. Had some fun with it being flash in the back :laughing::sweat_smile:


Such a creative idea, I’m very into it


Looks good. My older brother is saying it gives Tom Bombadil vibes


Thanks, I was going for an entertainer thing, kinda like a Fantasy bard who casts magic with their instruments, similar to pied piper’s powers. Seemed a fitting theme to go with. Just obliviously happily leading a army of rats out of a dingy alleyway lol.