DC Fan Art Club: June 2023 Spotlight - DC Pride

Hi @DCFanArtClub and welcome to June AKA DC Pride month! Every year DC publishes an anthology (104 pages for 2023) featuring a selection of its LGBTQIA+ characters.

The issue was released on May 30 in both print and digital. It is available right here for any DCUI member (both Ultra and regular memberships).

For our purposes, any character appearing in the anthology is eligible!

So who’s all in there? The focus this year is on never-before-seen team-ups:

In addition to the above, there is also Batwoman and Xanthe Zhou (from the brand new Spirit World series) as well as a tribute to the late Rachel Pollack (most well known to DC Fans as the writer on Doom Patrol after Grant Morrison).

That’s a lot to choose from! Select as many as you’d like over the month of June and join in the DC Universe site wide celebration of DC Pride.

Post your thoughts and work in the thread below and thanks for being a part of the art club here at DC Universe Infinite!

Due Date: June 30, 2023


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Awesome™:+1:. Already have some ideas for a few.


See, this is why you want to steer clear of run-on sentences like this one: My brain blurred all of it together into “the late Grant Morrison” and I nearly had a heart attack.


There’s always nice fan art on reddit, that is not always schoops that look like a combination of AI, copyright infringement and a lack of imagination to give us essentially fan fic tier versions of that particular artist’s fancast.

And not always example of NSFW cheesecake or beefcake.
Unfortunately, I can’t find any recent versions of thing (although of people go look on reddit right now, someone did a very professional fan art comic on PeeGee - that for my taste was, at least on a skim, a bit too much cheesecake - but very well done. It’s a shame some of the stuff DC did, like the fan art celebration, during the first two Fandomes, have fallen by the wayside under the new regimes.


Can I just say:

giphy (3)

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Send 'em this way! Not sure how many fans realize the community is here and free.


If you meant my comment, thank you. If you meant that particular schoop I posted, it was one of the better ones, that particular person has an ENTIRE Instagram, he/she/they/them’s that proud of an AI’s ability to create “art” with just a few clicks!

I’ve tried that. It might be more possible now (and in the future) because apparently the reddit management is about to shoot itself in the foot getting rid of third party apps (I don’t phone post so it’s no skin off me).

It feels like a lot of fan artists, once they got upset at tumblr and since no one seems to use deviant art any longer, and are not sure what to do with twitter since the elon take over, seem to be sticking to sites like Instagram (with those who are seeking professional careers posting on sites like Art Station, I believe it’s called). But I’ll keep working that angle as well.

Again, I think it helps when DC Comics itself does something formal, like they did with FanDome (and IMHO should continue to do annually).


I still am trying to decide what to draw, but here’s one I did some time back, during my “tiny icons” phase.
I drew the non-binary Flash of Earth-11, Jess Chambers, using only the non-binary symbol.

I just posted this on one of my accounts for Pride Month, tagging one of the creators Eleonora Carlini and look who retweeted my picture:


I must be getting old. I had no idea what schoop meant so I looked it up in the urban dictionary……

And I wish I could I un-see that now :grimacing:


I remember this one. Still awesome! Congrats on the retweet!


Congrats on the response! And I remember these! Always amazed at how much detail was involved

Same :joy:


@CynicalPink Sorry about that.

I may very well be chronologically older than @JKoco17 but I’ve worked with computers all my adult life and was always very comfortable with the changing terminology, so I’m very online with some of this crap. Being in a discord group full of teens and 20s years old (not all of us, I know the channel owner is near my age, a nice guy from one of the Benelux nations) also keeps me informed of these terms. There’s still things I have to look up, myself. I had no idea what ACE was when it started landing, and I’ve hung out with transexuals, drag queens and more from the day I first illegally hit a gay bar. I got in contextually, but still looked it up because I wanted to be certain which I find is always the best choice.


Haha, no worries! Y’all keep me young, regardless of your own age, by using these terms and whatnot :wink:

And I agree it would be good if DC could step in and do more to get the art community rallied in one place. Maybe not a competition, but even a shout-out and/or directive to share work in a specific common area could help


I’ll start this month with Jon Kent, up in the sky, flying with the birds.


I could not agree more. :fire::heart:


Nice work! Loving the hair and lighting. Also, look at you doing wings again. Way to go, they look great!! :metal:


Thanks, it didn’t quite work out the way I had it in my head before I started, but I still liked it in the end.

I actually did think at one point…why did I choose to draw more wings! :laughing:


This is totally my own opinion on the matter. The picture in your head is a guideline. As you draw, more than your head gets involved. Maybe your hands decide to contribute and then your heart sometimes or even the soul of the drawing itself to be philosophical. The point is don’t get hung up on what you wanted it to be, just be happy with what it turns out to be. I know I have had many not turn out at all. So, when I complete a drawing I am happy with it no matter what, no regrets. (Mostly :crazy_face:)

Remember you’re doing something thousands of people wish they could do period. Enjoy every moment.

Just draw my friend.


Thanks Rob, that’s really well put.

I still need to work on capes, though. Those billowing capes are tough. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, this group has made me (and I hope others) realize that we all have our own styles and the question should no longer be IF we can draw something, but just how we will interpret it. That’s what makes it fun.


This helped me tremendously: