DC Fan Art Club: July, 2024 - Endings and Beginnings

Here’s an old one. I’ll make one for the challenge before it’s too late


Nice Swamp Thing! I don’t remember seeing that one. When was it from?


August 8th 2022; from my Tumblr account, it’s new here to the Best of my knowledge


Very cool and full of detail. :metal:t3::metal:t3:


I haven’t been around lately, life and other projects and family all take their little slices of time.
I found this, “fortress of art-itude”, if you will, when I was at a particularly down moment in my life. It gave me a purpose, something to look forward to, seeing all the wonderful art and the wonderful wit behind it. I’m sad to see if go but hopeful that it will continue in it’s other form. I hope I can figure out how to use that other form.
I signed up for the discord server, but am still figuring it out.
I’ve been doing some 3d printing, learning how to make my own files…
I couldn’t find a Fortress of Solitude I liked so I made my own.

The piece that I’ve done for here that I like the best…has to be this one…

And! It got me on the FANDOME! My 2 seconds of fame!

Thanks for all the comments, the critiques, the comradery, the fun, and the push to always do better.


Good to see you!! Love your art always.
Ah, good ole FanDome. Short lived, but hey it was Co-vid times. I still have my fandome shirt from that year, but my wife sleeps in it now. Looks better on her anyway. :crazy_face::rofl::rofl::metal:


I am trying to think of what I would want to draw new but I will start down memory lane when I went through my tiny icons period, when I drew using the same tiny icon over and over.
Here is my absolute favorite drawing using only bats

The following was my tribute to the Long Halloween using pumpkins (and I even got the chance to show to Tim Sale before his passing)

Here is Starro made of stars

Finally here is my non-binary Flash using the non-binary symbol

My hand hurt after drawing each with the repetition but I liked how they looked. Also helped me with shading and negative space


Hi @Goldk, good to see you again. You’ve always been our resident 3D printing expert. Very cool Fortress of Solitude!

Ah, Fandome, congrats on getting featured there. That’s really a good piece. Very nice work with the colors.


I had a feeling the tiny icon pieces would be some of your favorites. It’s a really unique idea that you pulled off really well. Still can’t believe you did it all by hand!


I may not have been that active the last couple of years, but always lurking enjoying the artwork posted.
My first challenge was the super hero’s in their teens concept. I remember imagining the dark knight in his beginning faze:

My favorite piece I put up would be the first chrismas challenge.

This was also the first time I did a background on a finished drawing. before it was always just the characters.

But I think my best one was an inking challenge (I think)

I hope to submit a new drawing for a last hoorah to a great community.


All good stuff!! Glad to see your art again. I agree that last one is great! :metal::metal: Hope to see over in discord.

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More art from the early days of the club (even before my time). So cool to see!

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I have a few items of my own that bring back good memories.

The first is this ‘Kelley Jones inspired’ Deadman. It was a bit of a departure from my usual style, but I really like how it turned out. It’s one of my rare creepy pics.

At the end of 2023 I had some time off of work and could devote more time to drawing. Two pieces that I created that December are among my favorites.

When I just threw out the idea of the Clock King vs Hourman, @RobArt471 gave me a push that inspired me to create this. The figure drawing is minimal, but I really like the overall composition of the piece.

From that same month, @the_Rubber_Bandit asked for ‘something with YJ’ for her holiday request. The figure drawing again takes a back seat, but to incorporate YJ in the strings of lights (and to actually finish it on December 25) made this one feel pretty special.

When I look over everything I’ve created (over 140 pieces) I know that it would not have been possible without this club. As I’ve mentioned in the past, when I was cleaning up my house during Covid times, I came upon the last batch of things that I had drawn. They all had dates in 1999 and 2000.

It had been 20 years since I really attempted to draw! This group inspired me to see if I still had the skills and if they could translate to drawing digitally.

So thank you to this group and @CynicalPink who let the new guy steer the ship after only being here a few months in 2021. Couldn’t have done it without all of you!


All great art! :metal:
IMHO you have done a fantastic job keeping it fresh and interesting through the post CP era. Thank you. :pray:

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I for one am gonna miss this marvelous space, and I really hope I can figure out discord enough to keep it up. I love y’all so much :smile:
After a lot of searching, I think I’ve made just over 100 different artworks for DC Community, so it was hard picking favorites.

Here are my top 3 DCFAC pieces

My top 3 sketch dump pieces

My favorite 4 Fanworks

And a couple Inktobers

As a farewell to this site, I call to mind the hours of boredom I faced before I joined, and the one character I do think I could draw every day even though she isn’t even in Young Justice. (#keepbingingyj)
(The picture in the frame is actually one of my old Fanworks)

Maybe some time before the end of the month I’ll go through my sketchbook and do a final sketch dump in the other thread.
In any case, I will keep making art, keep studying art education, and I will do it all with this space in mind :smile:


Thanks everyone for sharing their art. I’ve loved coming in and looking at them.


I’ve really enjoyed seeing your art here. Thanks for sharing.

Also, really love the pool of Harley’s hair in that last piece. Awesome!


I realized that I never drew a proper John Constantine piece.

Here he is. I really like the expression I was able to pull off here.

Peace out DCUI Community site!


The expression is perfect for him. Damn nice hair too.
Thanks for all you have done here JK!

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Thank you Rob!

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