DC Fan Art Club: February 2023 Spotlight- DC: Mech, Wonder Woman Family and Black Lightning



I didn’t have a pencil today, but I hope y’all will appreciate this Wonder Woman I drew in Spanish class :smile:


Awesome™:+1: Diana. Great shine on the armor and nice hair.

Looks awesome™:+1:. Cool design with Artemis. And great with Black Lightning too.

Wow this is amazing. Very cool action scene combining all three. Really like the colors.

Awesome cheetah. Cool pose with her wrapped around the tree.

Awesome™:+1: Nubia. Great posing. Like the way you did the hair.

Awesome™:+1: WW pen sketch. Great detail. Wonder Woman can speak Spanish so I think it counts as staying on topic in class :sweat_smile:.


For my WW prompt I decided to redraw an old piece from 2020 I’ve been dying to make again and this prompt gave me the chance.

Really cool to see how much I’ve grown in my digital drawing efforts since back then. Really like how it came out.

Old one from 2020


For my Black Lightning piece I could have drawn likenesses from the great television show with my skills in realistic drawing. However there was just something about his iconic costume from the comics that grabbed my attention. I decided to draw him using the lightning to fly as well.


@Jay_Kay - nice work on Nubia. That’s perfect anatomy and pose!

@the_Rubber_Bandit - Drawing in pen is light walking a tight rope without a net! Very nice work on Wonder Woman!

@NYJt3 - wow, you’ve really grown since 2020! The reflection, the background and the colors are just top notch.

@ImpulseMaxMercury - I thought you were going to do a likeness from the show too, but I agree that old school costume is very cool. I like the way you have the lightning crackling all around him.


For Black Lightning, I went with the more recent 2017 design.


Hi guys! I snuck in some time to do a quick Flash mech. Pun intended. :crazy_face:

I gave him a huge V8 motor and some headers and made him a little sleeker as the Flash should be IMHO. Hope you all like it!


Awesome™:+1: classic BL. It is a cool design. Very cool with the lightning flight.


Great posing and the lightning with the lighting came out awesome™:+1:


Awesome™:+1: mech. Really cool details. Like the wings sneakers.

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Recently read WW Black and Gold so for BL I’d thought I’d try doing Black Light Black and blue style thing. I struggle a bit with black and white colors but wanted to give it a shot. Enjoyed the practice and had fun with it.


Thank you!!

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Love the stylization of the piece. Excellently done!

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I had some extra time to put into this one. There was so many different costumes to choose from, so I picked one at random and ran with it.


Awesome™:+1: BL. Really like the background. Goes well with him.

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Thank you!

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Is that a Bizarro Woman/Diana? Just reflecting on the water!

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Doctor “Algorithm” Fate with an entangled Magic. Think Spectre making Zatanna say spells backwards, but with Grid instead!

This is Black “Battery” Lightning being the power source for Mech super heroes!

This is Miss Arty aka Artemis with her signature Mistress axe and the Shield of Wonder Woman. In this variation she travels with Black Battery to Egypt as part of the Bana-NA MIG-Dolls. (Bana of Native Africa, Mech Inspiration Group) to raise allies in the fight against the GRODD. (Gorilla Robotics of Organic Recycling and Devolving Division).

They meet with Black Mech or Teth Mech, the 1st Mech, who informs them of the world they are in. He goes deep into the philosophy of Free Will; pointing out how useless it is and that it becomes inevitable that each program either devolves or is recycled by the GRODD.

Anyways that was my take. Happy Black History month to all!


@RobArt471 - Very nice how you kept some design elements (like the lightning bolt on the head), but expanded on others. It does come off much sleeker and less bulky than the original design.

Also great work on Black Lightning. The anatomy is spot on with extra beefy shoulders and chest. I’m still amazed on how you pull off the backgrounds and special effects with just ink and liquid paper.

@NYJt3 - that over the shoulder look is great to show intensity! I think the color scheme worked out well.

@Stephen.Gluck.Henderson.67303 - the thought you put into the backstory of everything is pretty amazing. Nice work!