DC Fan Art Club: All Remaining July Challenges

Heyo, @DCFanArtClub! I’m afraid I’ve got to leave you for the rest of the month, but you’ve got some awesome clubsitters in @BestBeastBoy and @MissInkBlot in the weeks ahead.

I’ll be around until July 7 to help with questions, but after that, I can’t guarantee when I’ll be back in business. It might be a few days; it might be a few weeks.

In the meanwhile, it’s likely I’ll be peeking at DC whenever I’m able, but I’m going to try to stay as stress and commitment free as possible. Be good while I’m gone, no parties without adult supervision, and don’t shave BBB.

Keep an eye out for Saturday submission posts in Fan Creations, which will be created by mods in my absence! Questions and discussions involving the challenges can be posted below.

Weekly Challenge #16, July 4-11


Due: July 11
Tools: Anything goes (Illustration; photography, for the collectors; etc)

How it works: Earlier this year, DC celebrated 80 years of the fastest men (and women!) alive. :flash_hv_5: This is a belated celebration, but pick your favorite and show them off for the community!

Weekly Challenge #17, July 11-18



Due: July 18, 2020
Tools: Anything goes

How it works: Your birth month determines your color. Your color determines the theme and/or palette of your art.

For example: Club members born in November get red. Who or what does the color red make you think of? Barry Allen? Battle wounds? Love? There are no limits to this prompt. Only you can decide how a color makes you feel/think, so do whatever feels best.

Note: Don’t want the community to know your birth month? Then lie. :stuck_out_tongue: Not like we’re fact checking.


Jan: White (or silver)
Feb: Pink
March: Aquamarine/Light Blue
April: Purple
May: Emerald/Dark Green
June: Yellow (or gold)
July: Rainbow! You’re the wildcard. Pick any color you’d like.
Aug: Yellow-Green
Sept: Sapphire/Dark Blue
Oct: Orange (or brown)
Nov: Red
Dec: Black

Weekly Challenge #18, July 18-25


Due: July 25, 2020
Tools: Anything goes

How it works: Pick a single line of text or dialogue from a comic and create original (and possibly very unrelated) art for it.

For example:

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 11.34.42 AM

“My! But that was fun! Kind of messy, though.” – That line could be a prompt for just about anything. The aftermath of Ivy’s bachelorette party. A dry line delivered by Alfred after the Robins try to help him cook a meal. Etc!

Weekly Challenge #19, July 25 - August 1


Due: Aug. 1
Tools: Anything goes

How it works: How it works:

  • Visit this site to generate a random headline. Yes, this is what I really got when I tried it:

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 6.53.08 PM.png

  • Draw a black and white picture to match the headline.

  • If the generator gives you the name of a real person (for example: “Leonardo DiCaprio saves 16 kittens from burning building,” swap Leo for a DC character of your choice.)

  • Your picture can stand on its own, but if you want to get fancy, feel free to make a fake newspaper page and write a few sentences of an article to go with the image.


:rofl: Sorry to drop it all on ya at once.


All good buddy I was about to post that in regards to DCU’s rules but figured best to just drop it. Have a good one!


@CynicalPink hope everything is ok. Take all the time you need.


We’re going to miss you @CynicalPink! I hope you have fun doing whatever you’re doing even if it’s just relaxing. Take care of yourself!


@Broken-Knight & @ImpulseMaxMercury Thank you guys! I’ll miss ya but am looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with while I’m gone. :blush:


That’s too bad. We’ll miss you!


@CynicalPink just promise to come back! I am just getting to know your art and will miss it! Best wishes to you for your time away and a quick return!!


@AnonymousHQ @RobArt471 Thank you! Y’all will be leagues ahead of me by the time im back, but I’ll practice when I can to keep up!



:pleading_face: so forking adorable!


@CynicalPink we’ll miss ya but hopefully there’ll be lotsa art for ya to enjoy once you’re back :smile:

I’m really excited for this month! All the prompts are incredible. Thank for choosing them!

I doubt we’re picking dibs for this week but dibs on Iris West Park :eyes: I’m between her or Jai, but I’ve been in a redhead mood lately and she’s my absolute favorite speedster. Honestly, this prompt makes me SO HAPPY! :star_struck:

For the color palette, I’m in love with the idea after reading Harley Quinn Black + White + Red issue 1. Gotta get to thinking about white & silver now. I’ve about two ideas to work with but we’ll see

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I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for your submissions for those prompts! I love seeing some of the heroines get their time in the spotlight!

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Oh these are all awesome challenges! Thanks for everything you do @CynicalPink :black_heart: Hope your able to get a little R&R during this time :wink:


Most welcome! :blush: I hope you guys have fun with them. Can’t wait to put some of everyone’s submitted prompts to use when I get back!


What made you go with these particular colors? I mean absolutely no actual offense by this, but as a proud gemstone collector this makes me cringe; you’ve got all the right color schemes but on the wrong months! (Honestly this is not as big a deal as I’ll make it seem, but I can’t drop a case of gemstone education. )

January: Garnet - Red (and black)
February: Amethyst - Purple
March: Aquamarine - This one you hot right, Light Blue
April: Diamond - White/Silver
May: Pearl - you dont have this color scheme, but it would be cream and hot-pink
June: Emerald - Dark Green
July: Ruby - bright reds/hot pinks
August: Peridot - This was right! Yellowish green
September: Sapphire - this too! Dark blue
October: opal - Rainbow (seriously, these things come in all colors)
November: Topaz: yellow & gold
December: Turquoise - turquoise & brown

And yes, that’s all from memory. Im sorry, I just love gemstones and to see the list so close but not right, well, :grimacing:


I purposely avoided going by gemstones because the colors are not easy for the artists to match. Not everyone will have a marker or watercolors capable of mixing a proper garnet, turquoise, cream, etc. I basically dropped in colors that I associate with each of the months and turned to a few gemstones when I ran out of the first-grade rainbow spectrum.


Ah, okay that works :wink: Again, I’m weirdly obsessed with gemstones. Although I’ve actually always resented having a diamond as my birthstone, too overrated.


Thank you. As a drawer whose sense of color is dubious at best and is probably colorblind, going by gemstones would have been hell for me. Like, looking at my month, “yellow and gold?” Isn’t that pretty much the same thing?