DC Fan Art Club 1 Year Celebration


Its been a little over a year since @CynicalPink started the DCFAC so we wanted to put together a Then and Now post of the very first challenge. It gave some the opportunity to redo their first piece and see how far they have come in a year, for others it was their first time participating in the 1st challenge. Either way we wanted to show @CynicalPink how much you are appreciated and how wonderful you are for starting this club and running it through a pandemic, through life and work challenges and we all think YOU ARE AMAZING :clap: :raised_hands: :0_nightwing:

:partying_face::partying_face: happy 1 year dcfac anniversary :partying_face: :partying_face:


Oh hi group.

When I was a kid I read comics, and spent numerous hours drawing and copying pictures from them. I generally did this on the floor of my bedroom on a moderately comfortable green carpet while listening to copious amounts for grunge music.
This was during the 90s when every character was dying and being replaced so I have a warm spot in my heart for all the extreme-makeover characters from that time period. I then stopped reading comics in high school in an attempt to ‘be cool.’

I was not cool.

Or was I?

I am mysterious. Or maybe I’m not.

Sometimes I go off on tangents.

Or maybe I don’t.

Anyway during what would be called my mid20s I stumbled back into comics and have been back since. I still like drawing the characters, but now instead of copying them I try making unique and funny situations for them. My favorite characters are some of the sillier, less serious, oddballs of the DC universe - Plastic Man, Heckler, Creeper, and Big Barda (she’s the best ‘straight man’) are some of my faves.

I usually draw on an iPad, but keep a sketchbook in the bag I bring to work so that when technology collapses I can still doodle or make cutout snowflakes. I generally aim for a more cartoony-style over realistic.



When the club started I was not particularly active or confident enough to share with this community. But thats just silly as all of you are amazing and supportive! This last year has been particularly a struggle and it was great to have weekly and monthly challenges to help relieve stress and get outside my comfort zone. So thank you CP for starting this group and to all the amazing memebers for being part of it! Ok enough sap.



Still a doodler who likes pencils best but can dabble with inks and colors via marker.


I used to draw all the time when I was a kid. I enjoyed watching cartoons and dreamed of one day becoming an animator at Disney in Florida. I loved my family trips there when I was a kid as you could look over the glass and see animators hard at work on the latest creations.
Well time passes, I find I cannot really do an art degree and an engineering degree at the same time, and I slow down drawing. Sure I’d draw on occasion to relax, but I have a lot of unfinished drawings to show for it.
Then along came the DCFAC. I figured I’d give it a try. I never expected an online community to be so supportive and encouraging. Suddenly I was filling up sketchbooks (reminds me I need to order more) and having fun with my newfound family. We have each other’s backs and I feel like I have a renewed interest in drawing. I cannot let my family down by missing a weekly or monthly assignment.
You have given me the confidence to share portraits with the Stargirl cast, enter drawings into the DC Fandome, and lastly submit my work to CBR to try to become a weekly Line It Is Drawn artist. Thanks to everyone and especially @CynicalPink for bringing me back.
Here is my original first entry a year ago for meet the artists:

Here is my update drawing this past month:


Hi, I’m John. I wasn’t part of the group when it started, but joined late last year and have been participating all of 2021.

I started reading comics in the 80s and was mostly a Marvel guy. I started to buy DC Comics with Crisis on Infinite Earths and Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing. It was Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns and John Byrne’s Man of Steel that brought me all the way over and I started picking up more and more.

I’ve always had an interest in drawing and took a shot in the late 90s to be a penciller (several of my DC samples from the time I’ve posted here). My closest claim to fame was a fan art piece published in an issue of the 10th Muse from Image Comics. All during that time I had been working in Finance and when the 2000s hit I decided to focus on that career. I made a shift to more of a Finance/IT role over 20 years ago and things have worked out well.

I became interested in drawing again the last few years when I saw what was possible with digital. I started with a tablet, but wanted something a bit bigger. I bought a Huion Kamvas 20 inch drawing monitor and it’s really been great. I love being able to erase as much as I want without destroying the paper. I’ve created everything I’ve done here using Krita and the Huion monitor.

Anyway, here’s a self portrait plus my face in a few DC masks. The Batman looks weird, but I think I make a good Flash.


1 year! So exciting! When I found this group it was after being totally inactive in the forums, I would just watch my DC shows and go about my day. I had no idea that there were clubs and such a thriving community filled with swell kind people. I also hadn’t realized that the DCFAC was new, I thought it had been going on for quite a while everything seemed so polished, fine tuned, and running flawlessly. Now I know that’s simply @CynicalPink being a flat out BOSS :clap:
Needless to say I never participated in the 1st Meet the Artist ( I was too excited to start participating in weeklys :wink:) so I’m very glad for the opportunity to do so now thanks to @stefanie.m for organizing this, and of course @CynicalPink for continuing to be a marvelous leader :star2:

Okay so this may need a little backstory…before I found the club, and in the early days of DCUniverse we has the glorious DC Daily. A show I made sure to watch…well, Daily! I loved it so much, it felt like a news/talk show directed right at me and actually gave me a lot of solid recommendations to find new DC content. The cast though was the key, they were hilarious and so fun. It was a joy to toon in and hang out with some comic buds for a bit and I miss it dearly :pleading_face:. Anyway, during the Meta Madhouse event, the episodes shifted structure and we’re dedicated to debates on the daily challengers. Who would win and why. The discussions made me laugh so much, the cast members would come up with the silliest reasons why one character would win out over the other. And one of the cast members, my favorite, Whitney Moore, would have the best solution to any debate. One that was way too relatable to myself that I adopted it as my own solution to any character showdown. Instead of choosing option 1, or option 2…Whitney would choose Secret Option 3…THEY KISS! :joy: It was too funny and became a bit of a running gag. I think the sentiment describes my art pretty well and since it’s a mentality I entered the DCFAC with {and one I still continue with of course :sweat_smile:} I wanted to make that the center of my Meet The Artist. :joy:

Thank you again @CynicalPink for giving us all a welcoming place to make art and be creative with the characters we love :white_heart:


Hello all :wave:

I join this club in September as the DC FanDome event reinvigorated my love for art. So I wanted to do more but didn’t have time during the day and couldn’t do it at night without waking anyone up so I found an app and started to draw using my phone. Was never a fan of digital but this has made me one. I still enjoy pencil and paper over it but I don’t hate using digital anymore. And as I’ve been drawing here my skill have improved and I’ve been amazed at a the great artists I’ve seen.

As for my comic genre fandom I’ve been one since I was a kid. My dad got me and my twin into it with movies like Batman & Robin and the classic Spideys or even the Hulk TV show. Grew up watching shows like Teen Titans or SuPer Hero Sqaud. Did get much in to the DCAU as they surf at weird times. (Did get into it with this service though) then the Fandom lead to game like LEGO Batman and Justice League Heroes. Game really push my fandom forward. Especially the Arkham games as those made Bats my #1 and move Martain Manhunter to 2. The one thing Marvel (which I like too) that usurps my DC fandom is Venom. He’s been my favorite since is was a kid.

When this service launched as DCUnivers is wasn’t really a comic reader. I got it for the shows. The I saw they community. Never down the online community thing so I wasn’t so chatter mostly just said Awesome which lead to the fun Awesome™:+1: joke :sweat_smile:. And DC Daily came didn’t think I was really going to watch it but gave it a shot when it first aired and it was amazing. The cast crew all so fun and expanding my world as DC fan. (I miss that show). But they did the Long Halloween read along and I’ve always heard of it being a good Bats story but didn’t really read and back when comcis were here for a limited time I wanted to read it with them and fast and since then I was hooked and read to this day.

The service became so much more than I thought it would even with the DCUI change. It still amazing and I met many awesome™:+1: people in this community and this club. Thanks for all being awesome™:+1:.

As for some Fun Facts:
I am a twin
Tigers are my favorite animal
I have pets two dogs and guinea pig
Finishing my Junior year of college majoring in Wildlife Biology

Favorite DC characters
Martian Manhunter
Miss Martian
(And many more​:sweat_smile:)

As for the art I did a gif of the Batman Arkham Games in a punching motion. Since DC games have been a big influence on my fandom.


That looks awesome™:+1:
See there’s a reason why Bats like Grotesques. :sweat_smile:

These are awesome™:+1:
Alway enjoy seeing pencil work.

As I said in the last pm this is really awesome™:+1:
Surprised they haven’t done a thing we’re time messed up and they became beebos. :sweat_smile:

Great gif use.

Man, I miss DC Daily​:cry:. Good ole secret option number 3.


#restorethedcdaily-verse :sob::pray:


Agreed 100%
#restorethedcdailey-verse :sweat_smile:


Dude! Not what I was expecting! This is great!!! Was this super difficult to put together? I’m like the least computer savvy person :woman_shrugging: The bat games are fantastic and though I haven’t played lego bman I am partial to the movie :grin:


Superbat is now my favorite title for them so thanks! And fantastic piece as well the colors are great and the concept is cool!!!

This is fact.


Yes I think I book marked your etrigan drawing cause well there’s definitely not enough art of him :sweat_smile: :grin:

Also great piece! I love the rotating masks very cool concept!


This is really just Spectacular.


Hilarious as usual! Love the pose.


Lego Batman is so fun! And totally agree on the Arkham games. they’re basically as perfect as you can get in my opinion


Too funny! I feel like I can relate, chilling on a gargoyle seems like the best way to live life


I had a very long day work-wise, but now I’m grinning like an idiot and dabbing tissues at my eyes. I blame love all of you equally for this (though I’m giving an extra squint hug to stef). A largely absentee “leader” like myself is hardly deserving of such amazing efforts, especially since it’s the members who keep this group thriving. I’m gonna be back soon as I can to properly reply. In the meanwhile, sending lots of virtual hugs and fist bumps your way.


Thanks :+1:
Yeah i’d say the most challenging part was getting the images to line up when drawing :sweat_smile:
The gif making ran smoothly since the site had step by step how to do it.

Side note: what Cici said the LEGO bats are definitely a fun game.


I’m not usually an active follower of any particular forum or group. That being said, I simply adore being a part of the DC Fan Art Club.
I am active sometimes, and there are times that work and life keeps me away, but I feel that I can always jump back into the fray.
Thanks to the challenges, I have reignited my love of drawing, and even expanded myself in ways that I have often contemplated but never realized until now.
Color?? No way, I couldn’t be any good at that.
Backgrounds?? Eew, I can barely finish the character!
Digital??? (ok, that’s my new frontier, still working on it)
I can honestly say that without this club and the motivation of not only the challenges, but also the other member’s very helpful input, I would still be doing b/w doodles on scrap paper on my breaks…
Thanks for a wonderful year, and here’s to many more!

My first weekly challenge: Super heroes when they were kids,