DC Facsimile Edition Issues

So I managed to get a hold of a copy of the Batman #232 facsimile issue from my local comic shop and it’s actually really good. The classic page material and the original ads from its first publication makes it feel like I have a piece of genuine DC Comics history in my hands. Now I just need to get my hands on the facsimile issues of Batman #181 and #251.

Has anyone else checked them out?


Here’s a look on the inside for reference.


I was thinking about buying them, but I didn’t. I had no idea it came with the original ads. Now I’m probably going to pick it up.

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Yep, picked up this one. Love that they have the original ads! A true stroll down memory lane.

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Yup. I wasn’t even close to being born yet when these books first dropped but still glad I get to experience the classics in a more literal fashion.

They look supercool, but I haven’t been to a brick and mortar shop in quite some time.

May have to make a trip to an LCS.

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These look great. This is what I wanted the DCU comic reader to have. All the ads and letter columns.
It’d be cool for the comic reader to have the option to filter out all the historical fluff. But personally, I love that stuff.

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I feel like for some people or at least for me I don’t like digital to have ads like I would physical. The whole point of them compared to physical comics is that they’re supposed to be more expedient.

For me, digital is a chance to really study the source material. As a kid, I loved reading the letter columns. The editors would drop hints at future storylines, and they’d explain the connections between characters and titles which weren’t spelled out in the story. As far as ads, I really enjoy the house ads. Often, they’d be like a teaser trailer, or they’d be a checklist for the annual crossover. It was just fun stuff.

But like I said, the comic reader could easily have an option to skip these pages.

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I haven’t bought them, but its pretty rad that the original ads are included.

If they get to Superman related Facsimile Editions with Hostess ads, I might buy one of those.


I got one too, genius idea using the old type paper.

I got the House of Secrets facsimile issue and I love it.

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I just had secrets 92 and swampy 1 cgc’d figuring i can read reprints or digitals here, but went and got the swamp thing facsimile anyhow cause the ads. Man, i miss goofy ads and letter pages and etc, etc…

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