DC Facsimile Edition Comics!

In case you missed it like I did, DC has restarted its Facsimile Edition program and Action Comics #1 is out now!

And in case you have no idea what facsimile means (like me) its actually what Fax is short for! And if that is still to archaic for you, it means its copy :stuck_out_tongue: :fax:

Superman #1 is due in October and each comic costs about $7! :exploding_head:

I learned something new today! and may have spent my lunch money already… :money_with_wings:

Who else is collecting fax editions?


I just got this one a few days ago, and got the Detective Comics 27 last month. Nice having reprints with all the original ads & stuff from 80 years ago :slightly_smiling_face:.


I love these. Perfect coffee table reads :smiley:

Put the car in park cabbie . . . now that’s some price jump. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


raises hand

I picked up the Facsimile Edition of Action Comics #1 this past Tuesday, and will absolutely yoink the FE of Superman #1 when it hits.

I haven’t picked up 'Tec #27’s FE yet, but judging by the huge stack of it my store had, I can take my time on that one.

Thanks to Facsimile Editions, fans can now say they’ve been able to recently pick up DC’s two most historically significant comics (Action Comics #1 and Superman #1) at cover price.

Granted, the cover price on the Facsimile Editions is many times more than what the books originally sold for, but hey, cover price is cover price.

I’m looking forward to the FE of The Brave and The Bold #28.

Absolutely! I showed a friend of mine the ads from the back of Action #1, and she said “Let’s try and order some of that stuff.”

She was, of course, joking but hey, you never know. In some dusty, forgotten corner of an old warehouse somewhere, some of that stuff may still be sitting around, waiting to be shipped out.

“Not bloody likely.” as Mr. Burns once said, but its important to keep the hope alive, all the same.


I’ve been wanting Golden Age Wonder Woman facsimiles for some time. I just did a Google search and amongst the first results was “DC Cancels Facsimiles” from 2 years ago.

I’ll just keep on waiting and hoping. I can only imagine what kind of ads there would be in 40’s comics, if any. Not even sure but looking forward to finding out.


The day that Facsimile Edition-branded reprints of…

  • All-Star Comics #8
  • Sensation Comics #1
  • Wonder Woman v1 #1

…exist will be a wonderful day, indeed.


I’m just going to stick with DC Universe Infinite, that’s good enough for me. :slightly_smiling_face::books:


I just got my Action Comics #1 Facsimile in the mail yesterday.

Loved the 'Tec #27 one and am excited for the others coming out.


Why did they put that ugly barcode on all of them? They ruined them by doing that


Nabbed Superman v1 #1 FE at Yon Comic Shoppe last Tuesday.

I’m putting it and the Action #1 FE to the side of my reading stack. Likely for a rainy day, when I can just curl up in my work chair and lose myself to some good 'ol late '30s action and adventure as only Superman can deliver it.

SN: The ads for the mail-away stuff are so cool! It was only three cents for a catalog, back then.

…and you could even mail away for a supposedly large RC plane, too!

I wonder how those ads would play today.

“Send $15 for a catalog, and if you want any of the good stuff shown, best break open a piggy bank or fifty, because we ain’t runnin’ a charity, kids!”


I still have to grab that Superman #1 FE…somehow missed it in my online October order.

I did get the Sandman #1 FE as well.


This week is light in brand-new books for me, so I’m kinda-sorta thinking about finally picking the FE of 'Tec #27 up.

What to do…

I had an enlarged reproduction back in 1974-1975 or so, and of course lost it. About 20 years ago I found another one. I love it!

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New for the week of 10/18:

I didn’t know about this one until the day before it hit retail (IDK why DC doesn’t promote Facsimile Editions on their homepage, but thank Rao for comic store owners on YouTube that showcase all of a week’s new releases), but I picked it up. Its nice to see some Fawcett stuff back in-print.


I picked it up! I’m glad they reprinted it. It’s one of the Fawcett issues that DC claim the copyright to, so the only way you can get it is from their reprints. This is an important issue too since it’s the first appearance of Black “Rock” Adam…


That’s why I grabbed it.

BA’s origin was never amongst the Fawcett stuff I’ve read, so for only $4 (this is the cheapest of the current Facsimile Editions, if memory serves), I thought “Why not?” and yoinked it.


This might be one of the only times you see DC publish a comic with the word “Marvel” on the cover, too :laughing:



imagines silly eBay sellers scooping up every copy of the book they can find as they say “Junior’s goin’ to college with this one!”


The latest in facsimile goodness:

Out this week:

Released last week (11/8):



Okay, I’m heading to the comic store tomorrow!