DC Extended Universe

Hi everyone.

Since DC Universe was announce, I’ve been asking myself if they will add DCEU movies over here.

What movie would you like to see added first?.

I would like to see first WW, since it was the first that got DC on the right track.

Man of Steel was already the right track


@XNam360 For DC Fans, yes, but for the mainstream it wasnt.


Green Lantern Corps!!! I’ve been waiting so long for the new installment!!!

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WW or Aquaman would work for me

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Man of Steel would be the first DCEU movie to be added here since it’s the first one.

It’s DCU likelihood would be dependent on how recently any new TV and streaming agreements for it were enacted, when they expire, if any other agreements with other partners go into effect after the previous ones have expired and when the best time would be for it to be added to DCU, should the opportunity arise.

In short, it will most likely be a while before MOS comes here. It and the other DCEU movies are big home video, broadcast, cable and streaming licensing chips for WB.