DC Event reading orders!

I’ve been combing through the library to create some partially complete runs of events so far I have Crisis on infinite earths, Suicide squad, and Knightfall. Need some help learning some new story arcs before I go on another wild goose chase, thanks everyone !

The DC Comics app has the first five issues of Batman: Black and White for free if that helps.

Here is a list I had on my desktop, don’t remember where I copied it from. I won’t claim that it’s complete.

1985: Crisis on Infinite Earths
1986: Legends
1988: Millennium
1988: Invasion!
1991: Armageddon 2001
1991: War of the Gods
1992: Eclipso: The Darkness Within (Annuals)
1992: The Death of Superman
1993: Bloodlines & Bloodlines: Bloodbath (Annuals)
1993: Knightfall
1994: Worlds Collide
1994: Elseworlds (Annuals)
1994: Zero Hour
1995: Year One (Annuals)
1995: Underworld Unleashed
1996: Legends of the Dead Earth (Annuals)
1996: The Final Night
1997: Pulp Heroes (Annuals)
1997: Genesis
1998: Ghosts (Annuals)
1998: DC One Million
1999: JLApe: Gorilla Warfare! (Annuals)
1999: Day of Judgment
2000: Silver Age
2000: Planet DC (Annuals)
2001: Our Worlds at War
2001: Joker: Last Laugh
2004: Identity Crisis
2005: DC Countdown (to Infinite Crisis)
2005: Day of Vengeance
2005: OMAC Project
2005: Villains United
2005: Rann–Thanagar War
2005: Infinite Crisis
2006: Trinity
2006: 52
2006: One Year Later
2007: Amazons Attack
2008: Final Crisis
2009: Blackest Night
2010: Brightest Day
2011: Flashpoint
2013: Forever Evil
2014: Future’s End
2014: The Multiversity
2015: Convergence
2016: DC Rebirth Oneshots
2017: The Button
2017: Justice League vs. Suicide Squad
2017: Dark Nights
2017: Doomsday Clock
2018: Heroes in Crisis


As was mentioned on another thread , don’t forget about the original crisis, Justice League of America number 21 from the 1960s. It’s here in the library where for the first time we have the Justice Society and the Justice League from two different Earths Team up. This happened several more times over the next four or five years including featuring things like the grown up Robin from the JSA world.

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Justice League of America 29 30 31 then I believe it’s 45 and 46 somewhere in there (one of my favorites), all in our half-decent library my friends!

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Justice League of America 55 56 with a grown up Robin …

hey it’s at our library as well I think I’m going to swoon…