DC Essential Graphic Novels 2021 Catalog

Loved seeing the DC Essentials Graphic Novels Catalog 2021 posted on here. I’m waiting for the Future State stuff to get here before I start reading them and will then get into the DC Infinite Frontier after that as so many of the characters and stories we know and love get relaunched or reimagined but until then (July) I now have a great reading list of essentials to get caught up with!

I was saddened and excited to see that I have not read 18 of the 25 DC Essential Graphic Novels. Saddened because I’ve obviously missed out on a LOT but excited because greatness awaits me in the next few months as I get caught up!

I think what’s really cool is that we have 19 of these 25 essentials here! All we’re missing to complete the collection is Watchmen, The Sandman, Teen Titans: Raven, Batman: The Killing Joke, Batman: Three Jokers, and Y: The Last Man.


If we had those, I would consider switching from Physical to Digital.

A quick check of Hoopla says I can get all the books we don’t have on here from them for free using my county library card!


I am pleasantly surprised Stargirl got her own section. I was very happy to see the hordes of Miller.

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So these graphic novels will be posted on DC Infinite at some point? I have been waiting for quite a few of these and am really excited to read them.