DC Encyclopedia

I have no idea where to post this at but I remember in the early days of the DC app, there was a segment called “DC Encyclopedia” where characters were fleshed out individually complete with references towards comics where one could read about said personal events.

It categorized their lore in such a way that felt organized and helped understand the character a bit better and included essential reading for those that wanted to get the full story from, I guess you could say, “chapter 1”.

Is that still a thing or is it gone and just never coming back? I personally enjoy using the Wikia also but I guess part of me would also like to know that the official DC keeps tracks of their characters in such a way.


I also remember that aspect of the aervice. I do kinda miss it

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I was one of the guys who wrote that! I was really proud of the work I put into it. Some of it survived as character bios on dc.com.