DC Elseworld Movies

After Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie, wb should develop a Jonah Hex movie. What elsewhere DC movies would you guys want wb to make? I feel like this DC elseworld label can become something special.

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Not sure if you’re aware, but a Jonah Hex movie was made back in 2010

They should make a movie about the Elseworlds Wild West story. Kid Flash was the best character.

Robin 3000

You named mine. On similar threads I always say Jonah Hex in a western of course, & if it gets played out he’s always game for time travel. My other one is a Hawkman & Hawkgirl movie rated R preferably. Starting when they crash in Egypt, become worshiped as Gods. Then thru flashbacks show Hath Set kill them & start their eternal life & death cycle. I think that would be a great movie or show if done right. If it goes far enough they could even do a JL Starcrossed deal for a part 2 where the Thanagarians attack Earth & reveal Shayera Hol as a spy.