DC, don't give in to Chinese censorship

For those that don’t know, DC recently pulled a advertisement poster for allegedly being in support of the Hong Kong protests. The connections that supposedly made this poster pro-Hong Kong are tenous at best, but it was pulled anyway.

DC, we get it, China is a huge potential market that dwarfs the US, and you hope to get a piece of that business. Making money is a business’ number one objective, so maybe censoring yourself works out in your internal calculus. If so, maybe rework the math.

Censorship and accusations of being overtly political have always loomed over the comics industry. Thankfully, more often than not the industry has stood firm in its support of the creators, accepted the controversy and told the story anyway.

Show some moral courage and do the same here.


Completely agree with this…


I hadn’t heard . What was the ad for and what did they say was wrong with it?

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It was a poster for the Dark Knight: The Golden Child. It featured Batman throwing a Molotov cocktail with the tagline, “The Future is Young”. Criticism was that the Hong Kong protestors are also using Molotov cocktails and that Golden refers to yellow, one of the protestor’s favored colors. I also saw in one report that Batman’s dark costume reflected what the protestors were wearing.


Here is a link to the article…



@ashleywilbanks @rikosuave Thank you for the info and the link. Man, the world is messed up right now.

What’s ironic to me is that the Batman from Dark Knight Returns would so very much support the protests.


I hope they don’t give in but they will…$$$ talks


Sad to see DC is yet another business that bows down to the censorship of a totalitarian regime. Are they gonna stop producing Wonder Woman because a few cultures can’t stand to see strong women portrayed in the media?