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For the past few years I can’t get enough of DC comics, movies and shows. I think this due to 3 things: The general quality and tone of DC works since the '80s, my lack of knowledge of much of the back story and characters, and the oversaturation of the other publisher’s characters.

I had resisted engaging due to my lack of knowledge and my personal history with DC in that awkward Silver Age-in-the-Bronze Age time of the '70s. The late '80s were a great time to rediscover Batman, but that faded as the movies spiraled downward in quality.

DCUI allowed me to discover the greatness that exists. I find myself looking forward to new releases of books and movies with much more anticipation than the “other”. I still watch and read those too, but the passion is not there.


Just giving the advice I learned with a site like this-

If you do not like an acclaimed series do not keep reading it. Put it away and start something else.


Just read through the DCUI available issues of Peacemaker Tries Hard! It is exactly like a continuation of the show -and that’s a good thing. Looking forward to the next issue.