DC Direct: March 2020 Unboxing Video

Hey guys,
It’s Amanda, Marketing Associate here at DC Direct! I am definitely going to try and post a lot more fun DC Direct news, photos and videos in this forum. We really loved chatting with you all in our Q&A earlier this month.

In case you missed it on our DC Direct Instagram and Facebook, have a look at our latest unboxing video for our March 2020 items, featuring yours truly and DC Direct Art Director, Rey!


Thank you for this, and please do post more content like this on DCU.

Thanks again. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Very cool. I wish I would’ve video’d unboxing all my figs. I have all of them photographed in box, out of box, & finally on my shelves. Never thought to video it. Very good idea tho.

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For some reason I just can’t get videos to work on my Android version when they are posted here in community

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I can’t open or post videos or open or post links. DCU is tirelessly working on it tho.

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