DC Digital First series 'The Flash: Fastest Man Alive' Discussion Thread

Wanted to start a thread to discuss this series since it appears we’re going to get a new issue every Friday here on DC Universe.

Have you read these? If so, what did you think? Do you like this interpretation of The Flash and the supporting characters like Iris West, Eobard Thawne, etc.? What was your favorite part/panel? Any “issues” with the “issues”?

This thread WILL contain spoilers so if you haven’t read the issues yet and want to stay spoiler-free I recommend stopping here and coming back after you’re caught up.

(Question for Mods like @Applejack - is there any way to connect this thread to the “Community” Tab on the page for this series? I’m sure a lot of us are checking these issues out and I’d like to get the word out to as many of them as possible without them having to come to the Community and search for this thread in order to take part.)

Let me start at the beginning - issue #1. I thought the introduction of Iris and getting them on a cruise together was a nice touch and his interaction with the officers was on brand for the nerdy CSI guy who’s always running late. But King Shark - oof. Didn’t care for this iteration of him.

First, King Shark literally says “I’m a shark” about nine times in 17 pages. Plus, the ocean puns were groan worthy. And if I’m reading this right he attacked the cruise ship because it was polluting the ocean so to stop that he was going to…sink the ship? Make the people abandon ship and then…?

Issue #1 was great for the Iris/Barry romance. Beyond that, not so great.

But issue #2 was just flat out good. The cover by Cully Hammer and Dave McCraig was great and drew me in immediately. Starting it off with something like ‘The Terminator’ was also great and really got me interested. I liked everything about Lt. Beth Arden, aka Swift, I liked that The Flash vibrated to drop through the earth when he was trapped by Swift’s trident. I loved the Easter Egg in there which I believe was the original cover of the Flash comics they released in Walmart where these stories originated. I liked that they set up a continuing story leading into…

Issue #3 I both liked and hated. I really didn’t like this version of The Atom. As a Hawkman fan I know The Atom to be a superhero in his own right and one of the smartest heroes there is. To turn him into a fan boy was offputting to me since I’m so used to a mature man who is unfazed by seeing superheroes. Who is Ryan Choi and what happened to Ray Palmer? That bothered me throughout the issue as he was such a major part of it. Beyond that, though, I liked that the story continued what got started in issue #2 and the various time travel mishaps that occurred as a result of the chronal rift. Having Chronos be in this issue, but not be The Atom’s villain or even seem to know each other, was odd for those of us that are Atom fans. Ultimately, I liked the ending which shows The Flash heading into the chronal rift for a supposed one-way trip to try and kill Eobard Thawne in the 25th Century and I’m anxious to see where this goes in Issue #4.

Despite my issues with what we’ve seen so far I’m still a big enough fan of The Flash to enjoy what we’ve seen so far and am looking forward to next Friday!