DC Digital First - Any Schedule/Rhyme or Reason?

I’m eager to take advantage of all the advantages that come along with being a DC Universe subscriber and that includes reading DC Digital First issues but I have no idea when they will be released nor what will be released and therefore it’s hard to plan for or make sure I’m not missing something I might love. Is there a schedule for these anywhere? Any rhyme or reason to how/what gets released? So far the only indicator I have that there’s a Digital First comic available is the banner on the home page or an email from the app.


Hi Felix, thank you for your patience!

We announce the DC Digital First issues schedule every month for the following month. This month was the last month we didn’t include the Digital First schedule. Now that the cat is out of the bag, we’ll be making sure you’re well-aware at least two weeks in advance! You can find an example here:

These links are posted in the Watchtower section.

You can find the current Digital First releases within this collection.

And once we have enough series to justify their own section, they will be broken out into their own discoverable rows on the Home Page and Comic Books section of the site.

I hope this information helps, and please let us know if you have any more questions!


Thank you for that - looking forward to having a clear list in the Watchtower each month.

If I’m reading this all correctly I believe these are the current DC Digital First books available:

  • Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace
  • Superman: Man of Tomorrow
  • Batman: Gotham Knights
  • Flash: Fastest Man Alive
  • Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red

Did I miss any?

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Aquaman: Deep Dives!


I see the DIGITAL FIRST SERIES - NEW ISSUES DAILY banner on the home page now - NICE!

New issues Daily!?!


I’m looking at the release schedule and “Daily” seem hyperbolic- but definitely very often!

I’ll update October’s “Coming Soon” entry now that we have the dates solidified, but here’s a snapshot of today, onward (it’s not as cleaned up as I usually like, so please forgive formatting inconsistencies). You’ll notice issues released Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays :slight_smile:

Series Issue DCU Release Date
Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace 2 10/12/20
Batman (1940-2011) 195 10/13/20
Static Shock!: Rebirth of the Cool 2 10/13/20
Super Friends (1976-1981) 30 10/13/20
Tales of Ghost Castle (1975) 1 10/13/20
Wonder Woman (1942-1986) 305 10/13/20
Batman & the Outsiders 6 10/13/20
Batman vs. Ra’s Al Ghul 2 10/13/20
Batman: Universe 4 10/13/20
Catwoman 16 10/13/20
Collapser 4 10/13/20
Detective Comics 1013 10/13/20
Event Leviathan 5 10/13/20
Gotham City Monsters 2 10/13/20
Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy 2 10/13/20
Hawkman 17 10/13/20
Justice League Odyssey 14 10/13/20
Secrets of Sinister House 1 10/13/20
Supergirl 35 10/13/20
Superman 16 10/13/20
The Batman’s Grave 1 10/13/20
The Flash 80 10/13/20
The Joker: Year of the Villain 1 10/13/20
Wonder Twins 8 10/13/20
Wonder Woman 80 10/13/20
Harley Quinn Black + White + Red 2 10/14/20
Aquaman: Deep Dives 3 10/15/20
Batman: Gotham Nights 3 10/15/20
Flash: Fastest Man Alive 3 10/16/20
Superman: Man of Tomorrow 3 10/16/20
Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace 3 10/19/20
Batman (1940-2011) 196 10/20/20
Batman: Arkham Asylum - Tales of Madness 1 10/20/20
Static Shock!: Rebirth of the Cool 3 10/20/20
Super Friends (1976-1981) 31 10/20/20
Tales of Ghost Castle (1975) 2 10/20/20
Aquaman 53 10/20/20
Batman 81 10/20/20
Flash Forward 2 10/20/20
Inferior Five 2 10/20/20
Justice League 34 10/20/20
Metal Men 1 10/20/20
Nightwing 65 10/20/20
Scooby-Doo Where Are You? 101 10/20/20
Superman Smashes the Klan (Periodical) 1 10/20/20
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 4 10/20/20
Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman Knightfall 1 10/20/20
Teen Titans 35 10/20/20
Titans: Burning Rage 3 10/20/20
Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me 4 10/20/20
Harley Quinn Black + White + Red 3 10/21/20
Aquaman: Deep Dives 4 10/22/20
Batman: Gotham Nights 4 10/22/20
Flash: Fastest Man Alive 4 10/23/20
Superman: Man of Tomorrow 4 10/23/20
Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace 4 10/26/20
Batman: Blackgate - Isle of Men 1 10/27/20
Elvira’s House of Mystery (1986-1987) 5 10/27/20
Karate Kid (1976-1978) 1 10/27/20
Static Shock!: Rebirth of the Cool 4 10/27/20
Super Friends (1976-1981) 32 10/27/20
Tales of Ghost Castle (1975) 3 10/27/20
Action Comics 1016 10/27/20
Aquaman Annual 2 10/27/20
Batgirl 40 10/27/20
Batman Beyond 37 10/27/20
Batman/Superman 3 10/27/20
Black Adam: Year of the Villain 1 10/27/20
Detective Comics 1014 10/27/20
Dial H for Hero 8 10/27/20
Freedom Fighters 10 10/27/20
Justice League Dark 16 10/27/20
Martian Manhunter 9 10/27/20
Red Hood: Outlaw 39 10/27/20
The Flash 81 10/27/20
The Terrifics 21 10/27/20
Wonder Woman 81 10/27/20
Harley Quinn Black + White + Red 4 10/28/20
Aquaman: Deep Dives 5 10/29/20
Batman: Gotham Nights 5 10/29/20
Flash: Fastest Man Alive 5 10/30/20
Superman: Man of Tomorrow 5 10/30/20

That’s awesome!!! Thanks so much for that and for the clarification and information.

I think “New Issues Daily” works if there are going to be new issues every weekday. Wasn’t DC Daily only weekdays? Nobody complained or got confused about that.

Having early/exclusive access to a new issue of one of the core characters five days a week is great news. Having them all grouped on the home page makes it so easy to find and read. I’m going to get caught up now before I get too far behind. Thanks again!


What does digital first mean?

The stories were first released in print in 100 page giants. So when they were released as digital first on Comixology I thought that: “Oh it means it was released digitally first on Comixology”.

But now I just don’t know. They are still called Digital First, but they were released on physical first a year ago, and they were not released digitally first here either as they have been on Comixology for months.

It’s just the weirdest name.


Saw this from an email and love it!

  • Every Monday - New Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace
  • Every Tuesday - New comics 1 year after they were released (soon to be six months after they were released)
  • Every Wednesday - New Harely Quinn Black + White + Red
  • Every Thursday - New Batman: Gotham Knights / New Aquaman: Deep Dives
  • Every Friday - New The Flash: Fastest Man Alive / New Superman: Man of Tomorrow

Literally new comics to read every weekday and that’ll keep me happy for a long time to come.


Hey @Applejack - is there a reason that the following DC Digital First comics are not available on here? Will they be available in the future?

  • Ghosts
  • Swamp Thing: New Roots
  • Our Fighting Forces
  • Shazam!: Lightning Strikes
  • From Beyond the Unknown
  • Titans: Titans Together
  • Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice
  • Harley Quinn: Make 'Em Laugh
  • World’s Finest: Batwoman and Supergirl

Well now you’re just spoiling series that are dropping January 21st :wink: We’ve only recently started adding Digital First series, and you will start seeing each of those titles in the near future, 3 months after their original release date.


Can’t wait for Worlds Finest!



Yet another reason to look forward to January 21st!!! Thanks for the info and teaser.

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