DC digital comics

So is the DC digital library going to be an add on monthly service? Wonder what the pricing is going to be?

I am hoping we get a great selection either way. So complete runs for well thought out series to post as part of the regular membership, but a more robust Unlimited with new stuff up to 9 months ago for more cash a month…like Hulu with or without commercials.

I wouldnt mind an additional service charge for the entire library up until a few months back. But if they’re sold individually like Comixology what’s the point of this service for comic fans?

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Probably $1.99 an issue like they’re selling their back issues now. Totally disappointed in the comics selection. A couple full series would’ve been nice.


I was mostly excited about the comics. I’m very disappointed in the lack of full stories and back issues. The comic section is a downgrade from Marvel and Comixology. You guys should be setting the standard for digital comic subscription service. Do better guys.


I signed up hoping to get to see all the rebirth titles available. Not as an add on service.


I’ve read some titles and after completing the book, they have more issues available that weren’t on the main listing. If they’re doing that, it takes care of the lack of arcs some people are concerned about. I just want to see more Silver Age stuff—that’d be amazing.

They haven’t announced comics as an add-on at all, those will all have to be purchased separately at this point. You’ll just have the ability to purchase digitally through the app in October at some point.

interesting, i think it would be smart to give at least the premium members the digital comics as an add-on included.

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