DC Deck Building Game

Anyone interested?

How do you play the game?

I have only played the solo variant because my family is annoyed that I like DC Comics and I have no friends, but for multiple players, I believe the rules are to score as many points (in the stars) as possible while taking out a set number of villains (usually about ten to twelve).

The solo variant is you have a deck of one hundred cards. (Then, you create the roster of five cards. From the starting deck of five punches and three vulnerabilities. You use your punches and vulnerabilities that have point values to buy cards based on their costs that appear in the card. After your deck has been used, shuffle your purchased cards with the starting deck and repeat with new cards entering the lineup.) What was in parenthesis applies to both solo and team versions. While you are gaining cards in your deck, your goal is to fulfill the parameters of the crisis, defeat the crisis, and then use your point values to defeat the villain (unlike the team version, a defeated enemy is destroyed in the game). After the villain is defeated, flip over a new crisis and villain, and repeat the crisis. Each turn, one of the ninety-five cards [once the roster is created] is added to the lineup and he goal is to defeat the last villain before you run out of turns.

Also, some villains have a first appearance that requires cards to be added in the lineup, so you have less than ninety-five turns to beat all the crises and villains.

If you want more information, I can tell you a little bit more, but I am not an expert because I recently picked up the game.