DC Daily

I’m not a fan of the new presentation. I like the news stories then ‘talks’. This broken/weird segues/interruptions is kind of annoying.


I agree


Yeah i must admit i liked the old format better. News report then dc talk . Not discussion with random blips of news interrupting said discussion.


I would have to agree with all of you

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Just seems lazy!

Love couch tho lol

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I got to agree, I don’t like the new format either. I know Tiffany Smith is unavailable, but John was doing fine they don’t need to re-work the formula IMHO. Although was fun to see Harley Quinn Smith back in the latest episode, even though that couch segment on Super Friends was clearly filmed a little while ago.

I agree this new format is not working for me.

I agree with all of you… Having the standalone news segment felt better. Even though it was obvious that the Talk was filmed earlier than the News, it still flowed better than the " And now for some news" cuts.