dc daily

Am I the only one not liking the people on DC Daily?

They always look like they’re being held at gun point just off-camera

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The cheer the exhibit does seem…kinda fake. I mean I’m sure they love DC comics, since most of them work for DC, but whenever most of them are on camera, it looks like they being asked to up the enthusiasm by like 10

Hector Navarro comes off as the only authentic true long time fan

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Humphries does too, but that’s only because he’s an actual writer for DC

Oh and one of the oldest guys with glasses as he’s actually a DC comics writer

Is Humphries his name? I keep forgetting it but yeah Hector and Humphries are the only true fans imo

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TX85, maybe the fellow in glasses you are thinking of is actor John Barrowman, who was also on the kickoff 2.5 hour show with Kevin Smith?


Barrowman in Torchwood (Dr. Who related) as Captain Jack I believe he went by:


Amy Dallen is the best! :heart_eyes:

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I really like Tiffany and Whitney. Granted they both actually work for DC, but they come across as genuine fans of the materials. I also like Clarke Wolfe. She’s done a good job with the interviews she’s conducted.

Maybe someone like Brian Tong doesn’t really fit here. If you’re familiar with him, he’s more of a tech guy from his YouTube channel.

Nah Don-El. I was talking about Sam Humphries

I like most of the cast. I love Clarke and Any the most though.

If anything is off from my perspective it’s probably Harley. She seems overwhelmed by the others and tends to get lost in the couch discussions at times.

I don’t really love John Kourounis as a panel leader. He kind of just dominates the entire conversation and the other panelist seem too overwhelmed to really answer honestly. Hector Navarro doesn’t seem to have that issue when he hosts, its usually a little more laid back and pleasant to listen to when he’s heading things.