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This last episode of DC Daily included a disclaimer saying that the opinions expressed are reflections of the speaker, not of DC Entertainment. The episodes before that made it seem that DC forced them into a certain light or convert an insult into a compliment. This was implented for the latest episode as well when Sam Levine said that Stephanie is in his top ten. I think if DC truly means that the opinions expressed are original, then they should include a member who may disagree or provide a perspective that initially may seem contrary to what DC is trying to present. What are your thoughts?

My thoughts are that this is standard legal mumbo jumbo that they probably realized they should put in there. You don’t want a host saying something that would cause a backlash against DC.


Some of the comics they discuss are mature content. They don’t want something the hosts say that could be taken and spun to fall back on them. It’s typical legal stuff.

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He was saying he didn’t dig that Robin there are only 6 Robins if you count Carrie & Stephanie, & he said Carrie was…in his top 10. I felt he was pulling an Ellen Degeneres and just being coy instead of negative.

However the show has been crazy overly bubbly and positive on everything. I would like people who disagree or didn’t like stuff to happen more. Just genuine authentic discussion. Listen to any group of comic fans talk. Disagreements happen…usually over semantics and preference!

But yeah, still feels a touch contrived and “forced positive”. But getting better. Hopefully they will keep finding a more genuine stride.

Also, Where is Harley Quinn Smith?


She’s feeding the Hyenas

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Kevin Smith threw out a few zingers at the DC movie universe in the preview show. I’d at least like to see more of that, where people are allowed to be honest about where they think DC has made mistakes.

Yeah, I kinda felt that in the Identity Crisis talk especially, like they were being especially softball about talking about the controversies and problems with it.

Basically, in stuff like that, I don’t need them to be positive 100%, just to be authentic.

I can understand them at least trying to focus more on the positivity than the negativity. But with the Identity Crisis discussion you could tell they were dancing around some of their opinions. However, I think for some of that they didn’t want to go into too controversial of a discussion (like, say, the depiction of sexual assault or usage of the female characters in IC).

I loved when one of them said Damien was in their “top 10” of Robins in TDKR episode. I actually like Damien myself, but it was really funny and a pretty clear negative opinion he had on the character.

Who truly likes the show?

To me the show feels like they’re trying to force the positivity a bit. I mean there are times when they’re having an in depth discussion, and other times where it feels like they’re getting flagged by the producer off set to be more cheerful.

It does feel kinda forced at times but still, I for one truly like it

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