DC daily

What time do they upload dc daily?


I don’t think we know yet I have been watching for it all day lol


hmmm maybe they’re waiting until it’s opposite the regular real world news programs. (which means they might have to rename it DC Nightly!

Prob skipping today since they were on Saturday. Look for it starting tomorrow!

That’s possible I was looking forward to it today they said 5 days a week u would think they would tell us something

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I don’t know about you guys but in my experience, many comic shops are often closed on Mondays for various reasons. Perhaps the folks at DC recognize this and skip Mondays as a nod to that practice.

Tiffany Smith teased on the Saturday show, see you Monday. But who knows. It’s not like the show has to come out at a set schedule.

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I guess this will be an evening show. Saturday’s dropped early, so I was expecting it first thing in the morning. Oh, well.

It’s here but 3 eps just dropped