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I get it is day one. But I feel like I’m watching “It’s a Good Life” the Twilight Zone Episode. It seems to be a front to back commercial of what you can buy with 6 or 10 hosts blindly professing super giddy love. Why have 20 hosts if they are all reading the same script/have the same persona or take on it? I would like actual news and critical assessments of DC properties. Not being spoonfed “now buy this”. I wouldn’t mind a consumers corner that goes over launch dates and ways to get stuff. Just everything seems like a forced over animated commercial and not a news or insight show at all. I’d like to let the plethora of hosts actually have their own personality and feelings come through. Just seemed too forced happy and positive, and no news other than what you can buy.

I was thinking that they would be rotating the hosts, other than Tiffany Smith, given that they were doing this 5 days a week. But if not, it will get a little busy with so many personalities. Like the idea of the show and will definitely give it a watch to see how it develops.

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I hope they do segments. Comics, movies, statues, artists and writer interviews. You only need 4-5 people and break them up.

I would love making of documentaries seeing the creative process.

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DC Daily is so awesome! A huge thank you to the whole and varied team! Everybody involved brings something amazing and unique, and similar to what John Barrowman says about picking a favorite, I don’t think it would be possible to pick a favorite from this amazing lineup of talent! One other thing I wanted to mention, though, is possibly the unsung heroes of talent behind the scenes: it is so clear how devoted and skilled everyone is—the camera work is brilliant, the audio is crisp, and the editing is flawless—in viewing an episode, everything moves at a perfect pace—no wasted space, and no pauses to detract from the pacing! A huge thank you to everyone involved in DC Daily Access!!! :bat::yellow_heart:

Did you watch the full episode? There was perhaps a bit of a heavy hand promoing DC Universe (I’m guessing that this will be an episode shown outside the sub to lure people in too though) but then we got headlines, the Kevin Conroy interview, and the questions with the cast to get to know them. I thought it was fun.


I was under the impression that Kevin smith was the host. Was that just that special announcement?